Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What Keeps You Warm?

Staying warm tops the list of concerns in many parts of the USA in recent days. I'm so glad my job as a writer has allowed me to stay indoors during this brutally cold time. I know many people aren't near so fortunate. But the warmth I'm addressing today isn't of the physical kind. I'm talking about those warm, fuzzy inside feelings.

With my newest release, I've reached outside my comfort zone and asked a few friends to mention The Marine's Heiress on their blogs. To some people my reach might seem more like sticking out their pinkie finger but it's a big leap to me. Today I want to thank Cate Masters for mentioning my release on her blog. She so generous to other authors with her time. I'm also going to have the privilege of doing a book signing with Cate in February but more about that next week. Thanks, Cate.

Two friends, Misty and Victoria, of my from our local branch of RWA collude on a wonderful blog called The Whole Shebang Site. They highlight more than books, hosting artists and musicians also. They invited me today to share some of what I've learned about blogging. So many of my regular visitors here are the mentors who have taught me how to make this social media not only work for me but how to keep it going without blogging becoming a burden instead of a benefit. I hope you'll go over to The Whole Shebang Site and leave a comment. If it's a place you might like to guest, feel free to inquire of them.

Having friends who so graciously and willingly step up to help is what keeps me warm inside. Doesn't do much to keep my hands and feet warm though. I hope you all have someone to keep you warm during cold and dreary times.

So have you had to spend time outside and endure these frigid temps? Have you heard of The Whole Shebang Site? How about Cate Masters? Do you or your loved one suffer from cold hands and feet?


  1. It's toasty warm here in Australia at the moment. Maybe a little too warm ;)

    Congrats on your newest release!!

  2. Cate is awesome! And a very prolific writer.
    We are a frozen wasteland here today.

  3. Congratulations again :) I think it's great that you reached out and got that help - and I very much sympathize with the struggle to do so! I'll head over and say hello there, too.

    It might sound silly, but I have a pair of slippers that instantly make me feel cozy and happy when I put them on. I paid more than I thought I should for them, but they're worth every damn penny. And my feet are always toasty when I'm at home :)

  4. We have snow today, so I bundled to keep my cold little feet warm!

  5. Alex, L. Diane, I've been watching the news about the weather difficulties in the south.
    I have some thick fuzzy socks and special slippers on all the time, Liz.
    Lynda, I've heard it's exceptionally hot for you guys down under.

  6. Freezing here and stupid snow is falling again too, blah. Hide indoors the best I can. Those warm and fuzzies are grand

  7. After Valentine's Day and my Love is in The Air series is over, I would love to post something on my blog (and you can promote your book(s)). I think readers respond best if you write something about yourself, how you wrote the book, an element of the book, writing tips. It really can be anything that allows the reader to feel like they know you a bit. Let me know if you are interested. My email is in my sidebar!

  8. Well, we hit -15 degrees the night before last with -35 wind chills so I guess we qualify as chilly. I've been limiting my time outside to keeping my bird feeders filled (they need a continue supply of food in this weather) or going someplace in the car with the heater on full. I keep my 'insides' warm by thinking how blessed I am that I do have a nice warm house to stay in. Oh, and I love Cate.

  9. Congrats on your release! I have cold hands and feet, but thankfully I don't have to be outside for any reason.

  10. It warmed up to about 35 degrees here today. Yay! :)

    Congrats on your release!

  11. No cold hands or feet here. I live in one of the few states where it's actually warm, haha!

    Also, glad to see you have such helpful friends! :)