Monday, December 29, 2014

Wine Down

I spelled that right. Various friends and family members gifted me with numerous bottles of the vino for Christmas. A glass once in a while in the evenings will make me smile through the next few busy, busy months.

Just as exciting as the full cupboard of wine are the many things happening during the first seven months of this year. I knew I was busy but it wasn't until I started making notes in my brand new Old Farmer's Almanac Engagement Calendar that I realized just how busy I am.

The good news is a number of guests who will appear here with terrific posts during the next two months with more on the way for March. Not only does that help with the variety here, but it frees me up for the many things I have going on.

At this time of year, many of us start to think of goals for the upcoming year. I've heard lots of my friends say they're not setting any but that doesn't mean they don't have plans. Whether it's with writing, the day job, the family or other personal issues, most of us have an idea where they hope to be when 2015 winds down. I'm sure it will roll by faster than 2014 as the years tend to do.

This post is short as I have some final edits to read through for the reissue of Keepers of Sulbreth. I'm so very impressed with the publishing process at Musa Publishing. And I've mentioned before that I love deadlines. I set them for myself but they work even better when set by someone else.

Are you thinking about goals or making plans for the next year? Are you busy like me and worried about getting through the next few months? Any deadlines in the near future for you?


  1. Hi Susan - the Farmer's Almanac sounds fun and a great place to put your calendar notes in ... I have plans - let's just say! Good for you and am sure that editing will be accomplished .. cheers - Hilary

  2. I'm not a fan of new year's resolutions. If you want to lose weight or see your friends more, why not start straight away?

  3. I'm busy trying to prioritize - as much as I want to do everything, I can't. I'm gong to focus on a handful of projects, focus on the first chunk of the year, then go from there. :)

  4. Resolutions are a crock, but having some goals are fine, as long as it don't wait for one magic day to make them. Sure it will fly by though

  5. Ah, the gift of alcohol!
    I have one main goal - survive my next book release.

  6. Hi, Susan,

    ALL the best for 2015....sounds like you have a lot going on...

    As for me, I am going to the SCBWI in New York City in February. Hopefully there I will meet my destiny. LOL. Hoping to convince an agent to rep me for my newest novel. Keeping fingers crossed...

    I want to delve back into writing. I had a very insane end of year with, moving, and starting over. ALL good now, but it was a bit crazy for a while....

  7. 2015 is going to be a huge year for me. Between all the authors I'm assigned to, I have one book release to plan every month for the next six, and that's just the beginning.

    Good luck with your year, may we both come out of 2015 happier and more successful!

  8. I don't know how 2015 could go by faster than 2014 did. I hope I can actually get something done. Happy new year!

  9. We do Solstice & Equinox goals, one each. Keeps life simple and uncluttered. And we get three months to work on what we've set up for ourselves. And we each get one silly gift.

    That's how we've been doing it for years. Love it.

    But you're right, just because someone doesn't make a yearly goal, doesn't mean that they're not working on something.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  10. Wine is a nice gift. ;)

    I do have a few goals. One is to publish my two short stories... I have a contract for one and I'm just waiting to hear back on the second.

    I wish you all the best for 2015!

    Happy New year!!! :)

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  12. I've got one looming deadline...and it's been a bit stressful trying to get it done.

    Hoping to pace myself so I don't go too crazy.

    Have a wonderful New Years!