Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J: A to Z Blogging Challenge

For my 2016 A to Z Challenge, I’m sharing three facts for each letter. The genres I write and love to read are mostly science fiction and high or epic fantasy. In fantasy, there is often magic associated with crystals or metals. They also used herbs both for medicine and for magical spells. Each day I will post a short description of an herb or a mineral you might find in medieval or fantasy writings. For the record, most of the herbal remedies I’ve investigated are not recommended by the FDA. Many are actually poisonous and dangerous. As tribute to my second love, I will post a scientific fact that may deal with physics, biology or health science. And because another name for a writer is wordsmith, each day I’ll share a strange word that I would probably never use in my writing, but that amuse me in some way. So enjoy my trio of quick facts. And don’t forget to visit the IWSG site where we’ll share a writer’s resource for every day of the challenge.

Jactation: boastful display or declaration. (like a football player's touchdown celebration)

Jojoba was used by the Apaches and other southwest tribes to treat external conditions like skin problems and to promote hair growth.

Thomas Jefferson loved science and technology. Some call him the father of science in our country. His interests included paleontology, archaeology and agriculture. Tomorrow is the birthday of our third president.

Does jactation in sports irritate or entertain you? Did you know Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virgina? 

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing can help the man with the wrong mental attitude." Thomas Jefferson


  1. All things are okay taken in moderation, even jactation. And I did not know that Jefferson founded the University of Virginia. The quote is totally spot on!


  2. Tree most interesting topics Susan, We learn something new every day,

  3. The classy players just hand the ball off to the ref.

  4. It depends on the level of jactation and whether it's done out of joy. It's great to see someone happy they won, not so great to see them happy because the other team lost.

  5. Jactation in sports only bothers me when it's not my team doing it.

  6. As historical figures go, Jefferson is one of my favorites. I loved how he kept experimenting and introducing new crops.

  7. Jactation sounds a little bit rude :) It annoys me when it goes on and on, but celebration is good for the soul.
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  8. I'm surprised the word isn't jocktation instead of jactation. Oh well. No one asked me!!!

  9. Cam Newton's jacations during the game between the Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals was a bit irritating (it made me feel just a bit better the next week when they got creamed by the Broncos).

    I liked that quote of Thomas Jefferson! So true!


  10. Jactations can be very colorful! Thomas Jefferson was so brilliant his words seem so fresh all these years later.

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  11. Never knew it was called Jactation. Annoying they can be.

  12. I like the word jactations. It's fun. =D

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  13. Two words that I didn't know today! Fortunately, I did know Thomas Jefferson. Whew!

  14. Like it, most of the time. Didn't know about those last two facts.

  15. Hello fellow A to Zer!
    I don't mind football players celebrating with a hug, high five etc. But the dancing is annoying. All that talk and lessos of "good sportsmanship" as young kids seems to go out the window with the NFL sometimes.
    I did know about UVA! And his estate is just situated
    that he can see the main UVA building from his house (way back when).

  16. Don't watch sports so although I have seen players jactate, I don't see it often. Didn't know all that about Jefferson.

  17. His founding of that University was one of the accomplishments he allowed to be put on his tombstone. He wouldn't let them mention that he'd been President.

  18. I don't care for jactation. Too much pride can work against you. However the word "jactation" sounds a bit funky to use. lol

  19. Learnt a new word, Jactation today!
    That's a profound quote you have shared, Susan! Thanks!

  20. Aha. So that's what those touchdown maneuvres are called...
    I've never heard of the word jactation.
    That quote is cheeky! LOL.
    But so true.
    Writer In Transit