Friday, April 29, 2016

Y: A to Z Blogging Challenge

For my 2016 A to Z Challenge, I’m sharing three facts for each letter. The genres I write and love to read are mostly science fiction and high or epic fantasy. In fantasy, there is often magic associated with crystals or metals. They also used herbs both for medicine and for magical spells. Each day I will post a short description of an herb or a mineral you might find in medieval or fantasy writings. For the record, most of the herbal remedies I’ve investigated are not recommended by the FDA. Many are actually poisonous and dangerous. As tribute to my second love, I will post a scientific fact that may deal with physics, biology or health science. And because another name for a writer is wordsmith, each day I’ll share a strange word that I would probably never use in my writing, but that amuse me in some way. So enjoy my trio of quick facts. And don’t forget to visit the IWSG site where we’ll share a writer’s resource for every day of the challenge.

Yestreen: Yesterday Evening

Yarrow is an herb found across Asia, North America and Asia. Many believe it will help with digestive disorders, eczema, and female reproduction issues.

Yawning. Everyone knows yawning is contagious and not just in humans. All vertebrate animals yawn. It is the normal response to drowsiness. Some scientists think the contagious part is an evolutionary necessity to keep a group alert for predators. One starts yawning, then the entire group does and wakes up. Physiologically, most believe that yawning not only keeps us alert but does so by cooling the brain.

With only one more letter to go in the Challenge, have you had to yawn a few times? Did you yawn while reading about yawning? Ever have anything with yarrow in? Do you remember what you were doing yestreen?

"Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week." Spanish proverb


  1. Haven't heard of the first two words, but seem to do much of the third word.
    Enjoy your week-end.

  2. I used Yarrow in 2014 because it can supposedly be used to help form a shield against psychic vampires :) All I had to do was read about yawning to start doing it - now I can't stop - I blame you :P
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

    1. I just realised that sounds like I believe in psychic vampires - I meant to say 2014 AtoZ - LOL

  3. I didn't know yawning was contagious in animals too. I think I'll be yawning a lot after tomorrow :) It's been a great challenge. Thanks for the Y words.

  4. Yestreen is a fun one. I've seen the cats yawn one after the other. I'll be yawning today out of boredom at some dumb training thing, ugg

  5. I've seen my dogs yawn after I yawn and vice versa.

    I've often wondered why it was contagious. Staying alert is a good theory.

  6. I've yawned about five times. Yestreen is a word a wordaholic would love. Cheers.

  7. I have yawned a few times during the course of the challenge, and I do yawn while reading about yawning. :)

  8. I have heard of yestere'en, but not written the same as your word. Yarrow is a familiar plant. As for yawning, I always remember, years ago, watching a documentary which included pix of hippos yawning then they turned the cameras on the cameramen who were all yawning in response. Funny.

  9. I have not heard of yarrow; I've had eczema off and on; but have to see if it really does work for that.

    Worst yawns for me is when a doctor is dictating and they yawn as they are talking and I'm trying to decipher what they are saying :)


  10. I've heard of yarrow though have never used it although it is good to know it can be used against psychic vampires.

    Meet My Imaginary Friends

  11. In the right place Yarrow is a perfect plant. Little water and spreading without encouragement.

  12. I guess we don't really need a word so specific to yesterday in the evening. And now I feel like I have to yawn...

  13. Just reading that made me yawn! I'd definitely say there's been a lot of yawning for me during the Challenge.

  14. I swear I felt the urge to yawn reading about yawning!

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  15. I yawned twice! Goodness gracious - is it psychological? Okay, I'll confess that it IS midnight my side of the globe...that probably explains it... off to bed now.
    But before I go-------------
    You are a winner!
    Swing by my blog to see what book you've won!
    Writer In Transit

  16. I didn't know that about yawning. Here I thought it made everyone sleepy, but it's actually the opposite!

  17. Yestreen i was working, as i am this een. Your posts are nothing to yawn at!

  18. Hi Susan - Yestreen - is a good word, I'm always yawning - it brings more oxygen into the lungs apparently ... while Yarrow over the centuries has had its uses ... lovely coloured varieties too - cheers Hilary