Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tigers, Tigers and Tigers, Oh My!

It's nearly time. My first fantasy romance will be released later this month from The Wild Rose Press. To Tame a Tiger is the first in a series about a legendary race of warriors who've been exiled from the homeland by a curse. Each Tiger warrior must magically bond with a woman of magic or he will die. The proud men hope to find women of good heart and honor to hold their bond and control their destiny.

Meet Luke Aron, exiled Tiger king, and Lady Violet Hylan. They meet in need in the dungeon of their enemy and save each other but only for the moment. There's still a war to be fought, Violet's suspicious family, and the entanglement of their emotions with the magical bond. How can a man and woman trust the threads holding them together? Are they only magical, necessity or something deeper and more lasting? They may figure it out if they can stay alive.

Despite the title, this in not a shape-shifter romance. Tigers are merely the name of the warrior race. You can pre-order the print book or wait for the ebook at the end of the month. I'll have excerpts later this month.

Now for a question as I return to edits on book #2 of this series. Do you like series in romance? Do you enjoy revisiting worlds or locals with past characters making appearances? How often do you search out the rest of the books in a series after reading one of them?


  1. I do enjoy series in all genres I read. Nora Roberts does a great job of the romantic trilogy and I love her 'In Death' series. I like Kay Hooper's paranormal romance world as well. I like familiar characters and worlds, and the comfort I get from knowing my new-found friends will be okay at the end :)

    Love the cover of your new release!

  2. What an interesting idea! It's difficult to think up a new story after the millions of books that have been published. Good for you and congrats!

  3. I personally love a good series. Sometimes, I just get attached to characters and will then seek out everything in which a character appears.

    Robert B. Parker's Spenser novels are a good example, plus I read all the Jesse Stone and Sunny Randall novels because some of the Spenser characters would appear in those novels.

    But when I find a character or set of characters I really like, I'll go out at my first available opportunity to get the others in the series. Most recently, it was Lisa Gardner's character Bobby Dodge that made me do this.

  4. Thanks, Jemi. This is one of my favorite covers too. And Lucy, I'm so hoping some readers find the story new and interesting. LOL
    Haleine, you named some of my favorite characters. Jesse Stone is my favorite and I'm going to miss his creator. And I can't wait until Bobby Dodge appears in another book.

  5. I like to read series. With each one you catch up on the characters and find out new tidbits about them.

    Straight From Hel

  6. Great cover, Sue!

    I like series. I'm digging Kresley Cole's immortals series right now.

    And I'm waiting to get my hot little hands on Beyond the Gate by this other cool author. Definitely looking forward to continuing with that series.