Tuesday, November 22, 2011


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I haven't been getting much new writing done lately. I've been distracted by numerous things which hopefully will be worked through soon. 

Not all distractions are bad things. I'm taking the plunge to update to a smart phone though I can't really afford it. Of course, I wanted an iPhone but I'm not getting one.  Still, it should be a fun new toy, I mean tool, in my busy life. I can't wait until it arrives.

Another distraction I don't mind is preparing for Thanksgiving. I always have a big dinner at my house with my six kids and husband.  My oldest stepson brings his wife, the best daughter-in-law in the world, and my other stepson brings his daughter, my only grandchild.  My oldest natural son is bringing his latest girl friend.  We tease him about how many different girls he's brought over the years.  My third son will bring his girlfriend of four years and fill out the table along with my other son and daughter.  It's a great bunch and we're a lucky family with no drama going on, only lots of food, laughter, and football.  But I still have a lot of work to do. 

The day job has been distracting me because I'm teaching a new unit this year.  We added some lessons on character education, hoping to build the personal strength young people need to make the right choices, set goals, and all that stuff we wish kids learned at home from their parents.  There's so much to be done and there's no way to tell how much you're helping them, if at all.

On top of that, I'm worrying about my mother living alone and struggling a little with every day things.  I have to plan a visit to her over the holiday though it's many miles away. 

On another brighter note, the BAM opened in our old Border's store, and I must get there.  I remember all the conflicting opinions about BAM you shared when I mentioned they were moving in to fill the void of our Borders.  I can't wait to see for myself and let you know how our store measures up.

So what things are distracting you lately?  Will you get any work done over the Thanksgiving holiday or will it be all play?


  1. I've only been in one Books a Million. It was a small shoppe in the mall. Not much to see. I'm curious to see if they take over our old Borders cafe spot.

    But I tell ya ... I'm super duper digging Barnes now. Great service, plays, readings all kinds of fun stuff.

    And the cookery books and magazines. Absolute heaven.

  2. Sounds very much like our Thanksgivings, drama free family and all, but we don't do football anymore. I missed something. I had no idea that Books a Million was opening brick and mortar stores. I thought they were online only, and weren't they bought by Amazon? If so, then Amazon will not only have the monopoly of the online and ebook market but print bookstores as well. I think I'm feeling somewhat sick right now.

  3. Uff, everything is distracting me these days. Work, holidays, a dirty house, the television. I scheduled a write-in session with my critique group just to force myself to sit down and write. It was so refreshing to actually get more than 200 words on the page.

  4. KarenG: I don't know if Amazon owns Books a Million but when we were there, Books a Million had Nooks for sale. Didn't see a Kindle anywhere on site. But who knows, these days.

    Happy Reading.

  5. Hope the kids help so you get to see some football as well. It's not Thanksgiving unless you get to see the Lions lose, right?

  6. My NaNo has been taken over with distractions. Blogging is a big one. Thanksgiving is too, with the added distraction that my wife has been off all week and has been finding things for me to do. Then there's the scrambling about trying to figure out what my next career move will be. Unemployment with no money coming in has been a huge distraction for me.

    Blogging from A to Z

  7. Though there are distractions, they seem to be productive ones, so nothing to worry about there :)

    As for my distractions? One word - Skyrim. It's totally taken over, hehe. I have 2 weeks off work now and I can't see myself switching off. It has me hooked!

  8. Distractions come easily ... it's the focus that is harder to come by! I'm currently distracted hopping around to fun new blogs! :)

  9. I'm working at my day job all holiday weekend long.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your new smart phone. I'm completely addicted to mine now.