Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Skip to the Next

Just a quick Sunday post to let you know I'm talking about writing in series over at The Whole Shebang Site.  I seldom keep a count of my books, but when I actually wrote a post with them all listed and then took a moment to think about the ones I intend to write, I realize I've typed a lot or words since I first started.

The Whole Shebang is a site dedicated to promoting lots of things besides and beyond writing. If you would like to guest on their site, I'm sure they'll be open to it. If you have something to talk about like say photography, music or art in any of its wonderful forms, consider checking out The Whole Shebang.


  1. I read it. Nice.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Just got back. Wow Susan. You really are a powerhouse. Here's to much more success and lots and lots of Happy Writing.

  3. Thanks, Ivy and Shelly. You made this cold day a little warmer.

  4. It's cold here too. Snowing, still. Is it snowing there as well?

  5. We had some flurries but are expected real snow on Tuesday or Wednesday.