Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Words

Like most readers, I read many different genres of books. Most because I simply enjoy them. But sometimes I come across a book that just dazzles me with the way the author uses words. I never want the book to end and not just because the plot is intriguing. Some writers can pull me into their world so deeply I can smell the freshly plowed field. I hear the clop of approaching hooves. I feel the icy breeze on my face. Those are the writers I want to be like.

Finding the perfect words is a challenge. I've been working on a scene in the sequel to First Dragon where a massive storm drives the decisions of every character in the story. Not all of them will live through the tempest and a few may fall from positions of power to groveling in wet sand. I searching for the right words in every sentence to make the storm come alive for my readers.

Pat Rothfuss in his two fantasy novels, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear, keeps me clued to his prose. I want to write like that.

What writer have you read who pulls you in with their use of language? Have you ever written a scene where you knew you hit it just right? Are you ready for A to Z in April?


  1. In response to your last paragraph, about writing something that you know is just right.

    Have you read Snoopy's Dark and Stormy Night? It has something about that in there, and is super funny.

  2. hmmm no i don't think i am ready for the a-z--but i am planning on being ready---happy a-z :)

  3. Yes, sometimes I do get it just right. Sustaining it is the problem. And yep, almost ready for a-z, just four more posts to write :)

  4. I love how Michael Perry, Bill Bryson, Barbara Kingsolver write, to name a few. Each have such unique styles. I'm not participating in A-Z but am looking forward to the posts.

  5. I love your idea about the storm affecting so many lives in your story. It sounds great!

    I'm not participating in the a-z challenge, but I'm looking forward to reading the posts!

  6. Many of the books by Preston and Child are like that.
    I do have one scene in CassaStorm I felt I'd nailed. Hopefully as I read it again in the review copy, I feel the same way.

  7. Those moments when it works, when I know I got it right, make all those "wrong" moments worthwhile.

    Good luck on the A to Z. I'm only spectating. (No guts.)

  8. Sometimes the scene feels blah as we write it, but after going back and revising it, we realize it's actually pretty good.

  9. Hi, Susan...

    I can so relate. There are two writers that have influenced me and I would love to capture a reader as they do. I LOVE fantasy and my two favs are Terry Brooks and Jk Rowling... Both have been an inspiration to my writing.

    I also stopped by for a surprise! My theme for the A-Z this year is to feature blogger buddies and their books as I create a cool intro for them. I was stumped for an 'K" book and Alex C. suggested yours.... SO I would love to feature The Keepers of Sulbreth! I have you penciled in already, but I wanted to clear it with you first.

    Hope you like the idea! Please let me know.



  10. i love Patrick's books! I can't wait for the third book to come out :)


  11. Love when I luck into an author like that. The first one I remember being blown away by was Tolkien :)

  12. looking forward to reading your A-Z posts!!