Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekend Warrior

For me weekend warrior doesn't mean I'm going out and play sports that I'm too old for so I can't get out of bed on Monday. On weekends I try to get a few steps ahead of my writing goals.

This weekend I'll prepare my usual First Monday Health Tip blog and Wednesday's blog for Insecure Writers. I'll also prepare a post for next Friday. I might even get some work done for the next week if I really do my 'warrior thing.'

Then I'll get a few extra hours in on my new WIP. That's the most enjoyable part of the weekend in the writing department.

Weekends are also when I catch up on household chores and a little shopping. Yuch! But someone has to do it.

I'm also catching up on some movies on NetFlix that I wanted to see but not enough to pay at the theater. Sounds like big plans but I shouldn't be too sore when Monday arrives.

Are you a weekend warrior? What do you tackle on weekends that you don't have time for during the week?


  1. Since I'm retired, I'm just the opposite. I try to relax on the far as an alpha personality can relax. LOL.

    But I'm tied first to the weather. If the weather is good, I'll be outside all day to work on the farm.

    My favorite time to read is early Sunday morning. I'm the only one up. Even the dogs sleep in.

  2. I take the dog or dogs to obedience school on Saturdays. Then I attempt to get caught up on all the things I didn't get done during the week.

  3. Weekends-- I usually put aside most writing, relieve my brain and spend time with my family. As Jack said in the Shining, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

  4. I usually unplug on Saturdays so I can work on projects.

  5. My weeks aren't all that hectic so my weekends are pretty much like the week except I don't have to leave the house if I don't want :)

    Always great to "unwind" with some writing, though.

  6. well, i don't usually tackle anything, it's more like a fun time--with always a few obligations thrown in--tomorrow, though, i will be tackling 5 of my grandchildren--happy weekend warrior :)

  7. I intend to tackle a movie and some guitar playing this weekend.

  8. Weekends usually go to whatever my hubby and I need to do together and grandkid events. Writing has to happen Monday to Friday.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Do you watch NetFlix on your TV, computer or both? We have ours running through out 360, and then sometimes we'll watch on the computer. Say, if I'm cleaning in the office or something.

    Just work for me this weekend. Plus writing my bakes and maybe, just maybe if the roads allow, Barnes.

    Cheers to you.

  10. I tackle sleep on the weekend. And I seem to have my deepest dreams during that time, for better or worse.