Friday, September 12, 2014

There's No Place Like Home on a Friday

I'm back from my trip to visit Colorado. Enjoyed that beautiful country and spending time with my son. I've learned that I don't mind actually flying in an airplane but airports are the pits. I don't care for crowds of any kind but the thing that bothers me the most is the inefficiency I encountered in many areas of the whole business. I have endless patience with someone trying to do their job but absolutely none with people standing around when they should be working. Enough complaints.

I found this interesting article about writers who struggled with mental illness. Lots of us joke about writers being a little bit on the crazy side but there is a side of that we should find so funny. Go here to read about 10 Great Novelists Who Were Mentally Disturbed.

Some words of wisdom from The Old Farmer's Almanac.
Brides: For a happy marriage, wear a coin in your shoe on your wedding day.

Expect good news if your right knee itches.

To reduce anxiety, sniff lavender oil.

A busy weekend ahead getting some blog posts ready ahead of time and working on my contribution to the IWSG Guide to Publishing and Beyond. I'm also going to order some ink this weekend. Despite all the things I do digitally and writing on my computer, I still seem to print out a lot of things. Ink is so expensive I hate doing it.

Did you know about any of those famous authors' mental health issues? Any itches in your right knee? Like the smell of lavender? Do you use a lot of ink?


  1. Hi Susan .. glad you're back and that you had a happy time with your son. Yes I agree about not helping when that's your job ... it is irritating to say the least ...

    If the wife to be had had a coin in her shoe on my wedding day - I'd have not been able to help with the farm!

    The IWSG Guide ..will be great - cheers Hilary

  2. I look forward to the IWSG guide. I'd like to visit Colorado one day.

  3. Yeah airports are the pits, at least the big ones. The small one here is easy peasy to get through.

  4. I hate airports and flying both.
    I really need to figure out what I am writing about for our book...

  5. I don't like to fly at all. I wouldn't mind sitting and observing in the airport if I knew I didn't have to get on a plane. :)

    And I tend to print out a lot of things, too. Not as much as I used to, but more than I probably need to.

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

  6. Isn't it great to be home? I'm not a huge fan of the airports either, but I love what's on the other end.

    We home school and print a TON of worksheets (say nothing about my writing), so we may weigh on the ink-guzzler end of the spectrum with you.

  7. I want to visit Colorado. And I need to work on my contribution for the IWSG Guide to Publishing and Beyond.

  8. A number of authors were troubled souls. But I guess that can be found in any profession. As I write murder scenes with such ease, sometimes I have to ask myself, "Do you think there's anything wrong with me?"