Wednesday, October 7, 2020

IWSG: October 2020 Version

 Hello fellow IWSGers. It's October already and fall! Hope you're joining the IWSG blog hop today. Thanks to Alex J.Cavanaugh and the admins at IWSG, we can all share our victories, woes, and ask as well as give advice. Find the entire list of participants here.

This month's optional question was about the description of a working writer versus an aspiring or hobbyist writer.

This is just my opinion, but I feel that a working writer is someone working toward publication. It doesn't have to mean that they are making money with their writing, but they're trying to. An aspiring writer is a working writer who isn't published yet. I feel a hobbyist writer doesn't care if they are ever published. Again, only me trying to define something that allows for opinions rather than something concrete.

I'm still plugging away (slowly) at my WIP. Other responsibilities have taken over my writing time. I hope it gets less hectic in a few weeks.

I used to hate fall, mainly because it meant a return to school. Now it only means my granddaughter is with me everyday and I can really enjoy the pleasant days and cool evenings. I can enjoy raking leaves again and watching the geese fly over. Welcome fall!

"A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows." St. Francis of Assisi

TV is so useless right now. No new content and the news is awful. I'm re-watching Evil on Netflix. It's even creepier the second time around. I enjoyed Enola Holmes. I found it cute and fun. It doesn't hurt that I know the writer of the book it was based on. And my husband is glad to have football back. I'm glad he's entertained also. We're surviving the pandemic restrictions without driving each other bonkers.

Good news, though. Supernatural is back on tomorrow. The final episodes. I don't want it to end, but I can't wait to see how it does. If you've been watching The Boys on Amazon, you know it's crazy and wild. I can't think of a good word to describe it.

I got my flu shot even though I've never had the flu. It seems like the smart thing to do. I hope you are doing all you can to stay healthy.

Do you enjoy fall? Do you write as a hobby or as work? Anything good to watch on TV, Netflix, or Amazon? What are you doing to stay healthy?