Wednesday, November 3, 2021

IWSG: November 2021


Shiver. November brings us closer to winter. Yuch! But welcome to IWSG blog hop. Thank you to all the admins and our founder, Alex J. Cavanaugh, for starting this supportive group. Please visit more participants found on this list.

This month's optional question: What's more difficult, coming up with a book's title or writing the blurb?

Easy answer. The BLURB, hateful, hateful things. I've never had trouble with titles. My publisher has suggested changing a few and I've always agreed with their reasons. I'm glad for their insight.

I wish good luck to all of you participating in NaNo. Go for it!

Congrats to all the entries in the IWSG short story contest. I am continually impressed by the talents and creativity of this group's writers. Can't wait to add the latest to my keeper shelf.

If you live in the USA, I hope had a chance to vote yesterday. Amazing how big those school board races are this year.

One of my sons asked me to go with him to see The Eternals this weekend. Let's hope it's better than early reviews. I have hope because the reviewers have criticized many of the Marvel movies that I liked just fine.

I'm so happy with the new house. No steps, no outside maintenance, and lots of room. My office is great. The only thing I'm really missing is my fireplace. We have a gas fireplace but it's not the same as burning wood.

I hope everyone's day jobs are going okay. Three of my sons work in logistics so they are dealing with supply issues daily with lots of headaches. If you can't find your favorite team's baseball hat this Christmas, it's because my son couldn't ship them to stores because they're waiting on product. My son who is a teacher is having another challenging and frustrating year. Hope you're all doing better.

But it is a time to be thankful. Our family is healthy, employed, and mostly happy. And I can't post without mentioning that my granddaughter is lovely in all ways.

"I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." Jimmy Dean

How is your day job going, if you have one? Do you have difficulty with titles? Are you having any issues with the whole supply chain thing?