The Morbunda Trilogy

The Morbunda Trilogy


Birthed in fire. Bound by family.
A fast-paced tale of a war smoldering for centuries and waiting for a spark to burn down the fragile peace.

The foundling Kerik dreams of becoming a guard in the service of the Logan family who gave him a home. Part of that dream is winning the hand of Lyla, daughter of the noble house, though she is far above his station. Lyla hopes the same and their love is blessed by her twin brother, Donal, heir to the Logan holdings.

But everything changes when religious war comes to their lands. All hope is lost until the Daughters of Umbron discover the secrets of Kerik’s heritage. Kerik accepts his fate to be separated from those he loves and uses his newfound powers to hold back the flood of invaders. But every time he kills, he takes a step closer to becoming the monster his ancestor was.

Reunited on the battlefield after ten years apart, Kerik and Lyla come together to defend what they love, but Lyla’s own newly awakened abilities are anathema to Kerik’s own. Though their powers identify each other as the enemy, humankind’s only chance of survival will be if Lyla and Kerik both accept what they are and the true depth of their power.

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Battles have been fought. But now it’s war as only a dragon can fight one.

 The invading army rises from winter’s lull and pushes south. Little stands in the way of the fanatics.

 Lady Lyla Logan journeys south to seek help from the great cities beyond the desert even as she grapples with the powerful magic roiling inside her.

 Kerik and Lord Donal Logan lead their few allies and attack the fringes of the Bellamite horde with ambushes and sabotage.

 All the embattled allies face their own fragilities and fears as war rolls over the land and anyone in its path. The freedom of mankind rest on them as they gather the last of their strengths and hopes.

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Two powerful magical creatures face their final battle against overwhelming odds. Anything less than victory will mean death for them and enslavement for everyone who survives.

Kerik has accepted that he cannot defeat the fanatical Bellamite army. He’s only one dragon, after all. But it is worth his life to protect the weather witch who can.

 Lyla Logan has discovered her strength and what her incredible power can do. Humanity’s freedom hangs by a thread.

 The world’s only hope depends on Kerik and Lyla going willingly to their fates. It will take everything they are to be victorious. Not everyone will walk away from the final battles. If Lyla and Kerik win, Morbunda will never be the same. If they survive.

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