Wednesday, April 7, 2021

IWSG: April 2021

 Welcome to April's IWSG. This blog hop was started by our energetic leader, Alex J. Cavanaugh. Join us in supporting each other in all our writing endeavors. Find the entirety of the list of blog participants here.

This month's optional question:

Are you a risk-taker when writing? Do you try something radically different in style/POV/etc. or add controversial topics to your work?

No. I avoid controversial topics though I've been told by another writer that some of my work does involve controversial science. I don't agree. Science is science to me. I have a minor degree in science and I use it in my writing all the time. I don't believe there is anything controversial about scientific facts, but then again, there are people who don't trust science. I guess I should say I don't write anything controversial on purpose. 

"Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent." Arthur Conan Doyle

Most of my writing time has been dedicated to planning and promoting the Pennwriters 34th Annual Writers Conference. Since the event is being held virtually this year, May 14th to May 16th, anyone can attend without great expense. The highlights are 36 workshops covering everything about a writing career, 2 amazing Keynote speakers, a free pitch session with an agent or editor, a Read and Critique opportunity, and 2 pre-conference intensive workshops on Thursday, May 13th. Read all about it here.

I'm so happy about the warmer weather. Hopefully, spring isn't as wet as last year. There have been a few TV programs that have caught my interest though not with great enthusiasm. Debris is very mysterious so far. Magnum and FBI are okay. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been excellent. 

My husband and I received our first Covid vaccine and will get our second next week. That will leave only three members of my immediate family waiting for their turn. I'll feel better when we're all vaccinated. I'm not sure what the summer and fall will look like. What is normal anymore? I do want to see my daughter soon. We had plans that have been waiting for more than a year now. 

"In three words, I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." Robert Frost

One of our plans is a 3 or 4-day writing retreat for the two of us plus one of her friends. We're starting to look around. Right now, it all depends on whether her summer work in Jordan is approved by her university. I want her to get to do what she wants, but I don't want her to go. Typical mother's conflicts.

Hope you're having an enjoyable spring with sunshine and health.

Are you purposefully controversial in your writing? Do you like to read controversial writing? What is keeping you busy?