Wednesday, March 2, 2022

IWSG: March 2022


Welcome to the monthly blog hop with IWSG. This amazing group keeps going and going. Thank you to all the admins who keep it dynamic and our founder, Alex J. Cavanaugh. Find the entire list of blog participants on this list.

This month's optional question that I usually answer:

Have you ever been conflicted about writing a story or adding a scene to a story? How did you decide to write it or not?

Not really. I have been surprised by another writer's take on two different stories I had written. She suggested the science I was using could be misconstrued. Well, I tried to explain science is science but she didn't really care. I didn't debate, though it reminded me that there are lots of opinions from many different people and we'll never all agree.

Onto recent entertainment. Peacemaker was profane and hilarious. No deep thinking needed. I enjoyed Reacher on Prime. Much closer to the book character than the Tom Cruise movies. 1883 on Paramount shredded my heart. I've often wondered when driving through Kansas how those people drove covered wagons over that landscape. The show didn't skip on the brutality of nature, the greed of men, and the inner strength and determination of the settlers. I highly recommend it.

My writing has been nearly zero as I help the conference coordinator for the 35th Annual Pennwriters Conference being held in Lancaster, PA from May 12-15th. There is so much behind the scenes work. I currently have 15 different sticky notes on my desk and four other lists of things to do. It will be worth it to see other writers in-person again.

I hope everyone is safe in this crazy world. I feel very lucky to have a nice home and no huge concerns about my financial situation though if gas and food prices keep going that could change. I wish magic was real and could fix the world. In my only little corner, I can only be as kind as I can and hope it spreads to a few more.

"No one is useless in the world who lightens the burden of another." Charles Dickens

Have any parts of your writing given you pause or second thoughts? Have you watched 1883? Did it break your heart, also? What is keeping you busy?