The Futhark Chronicles

The Chronicles of Futhark.  Demons, old gods, and desperate heroes battle for the survival of the kingdom of Futhark and the very existence of humanity.

The Keepers of Sulbreth, Book #1

One half-breed elf and a barely trained sorceress have the fate of the world depending on their rare abilities. But someone or something wants to stop them.

The Keepers use magic to hold a world of evil from the surface of the land of humans. Keeper Sabelline Shelton needs the best swordsman in the land to guard her on her mission to reset the magical seals located deep beneath the mountains surrounding the island kingdom. Fortunately for her, Cage Stone is such a man. After he's tricked into joining the cause of the witches and the king of Futhark, Cage realizes if Sabelline doesn't succeed the world of men could end. But forces beyond the understanding of the Keepers work to make sure Sabelline fails.

Men filled with greed and ignorance hinder the efforts of the king while the supernatural creatures test the weakening gate between their world and the surface. Fell beasts attack, targeting Sabelline and the young king. Cage and the other Marshals trained to fight the monsters stand between the city of Sulbreth and the tide of evil swelling ever closer.

Mere swords can do little against the other-worldly host and only by accepting his heritage can Cage hope to stop them. Secrets from Cage's past have long haunted him. All his life he's hidden and suppressed all the things that make him different from other men. Now he must not only accept all his special qualities, he must use every bit of his secret elvish blood to fight against the enemies of all living creatures. But not even the most learned of the Keepers know what exactly they face as each hour brings a new crisis. Can Cage's instincts and skills with weapons be enough to protect Sabelline and put the lid back on the cauldron of hades before it boils over into Futhark?

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Beyond the Gate, Book #2

From their first steps, everything goes wrong. And then it gets worse.

 Marshal Cage Stone and Sorceress Sabelline Shelton walk into the demon-infested cavern knowing their mission may be fatal. But they don’t expect that nothing is as they expect. Too many demons on the path, and then the path itself is sabotaged. They find their way to secrets better left buried. Their discoveries are not only dangerous, they are soul-crushing.

 King Jonared staggers emotionally after discovering Cage Stone is actually his brother. But the mix of joy and loss must wait as a challenger to the throne emerges. An unprecedented number of demons flood from Kingdom’s Gate and gives the usurper a chance to do more than make threats.

 All is chaos for in Sulbreth for Jonared and the remaining Keepers. As he battles for his kingdom and his life, Cage and Sabelline fight for their survival and look for a way back home. All the while, a nagging suspicion that they don’t understand the source of the demonic invasion or the face of their true enemy haunts the desperate fighters.

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Beneath the Mountain, Book #3

An enemy they’ve never understood brings chaos and death to the Sulbreth. Each day raises a new fear.

 Marshal Cage Stone races from one catastrophe to the next, always one step behind the mysterious enemy who is behind all the disasters befalling the city and countryside.

 King Jonared finds little joy in reclaiming his throne. The dead haunt him and everywhere are reminders how fragile his hold on Futhark is. The demons lurk on the edge of the city, poised to destroy everything in their path. It’s not a matter of if they will attach again, but when. And when they do, will anyone survive?

 Sabelline Shelton and the remaining Keepers use their training and magical gifts to treat the illnesses and injuries of the citizens, all of which seem connected to the faceless enemy Cage is hunting. They scour the histories stored in their fortress in a desperate search for a way to stop the demon evil forever.

 Tragedy piles on tragedy until Cage and Sabelline are forced to risk everything in a last effort to save Futhark. But if they’re wrong, not only will they not survive, but they may destroy the entire kingdom.

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Heir of Futhark, Book #4

How can mere mortals stand against a god determined to destroy them?

King Jonared watches his people turn on each other like rabid dogs. He can't believe the hardships of war alone have turned common folks into depraved killers. It's as if the greed and cruelty of the dark god, Ferlon, has infected the air they breathe.

The last of the Keepers struggle for understanding as the insanity spreads and the countryside falls into chaos. All the while they fight by the side of Cage and the dwindling army of the king.

But how does one kill a god? What weapon can bring down a being who can turn men into monsters and families against one another?

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