Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In the Fall, I Write

When my third son was in first grade he became my first child to have his writing deemed worthy to be published in the school media magazine that comes out twice per school year. He wrote a very simple free verse titled, The Leaves Fall in the Fall. It was very good and we all loved it. (I have no less than six copies in the treasury chest.)
For the first time this fall, I'm not a football mom. My oldest son has graduated from college and finished his football career. Watching him play occupied most of my fall weekends for the last four years. I miss it. I'll miss seeing the colors of fall in different parts of the country and the noise and excitement of college football. It was a great thrill. But every fall, my writing production slows down. Between coaching field hockey and watching my children play, I had very little weekend time or evening hours to spend at the computer. This year I gave up coaching field hockey and as I mentioned, no longer have a reason to attend college football games. So I'm writing.
No excuses this year. I have four different series I'm working on to either sell the first book or sell a third or fourth book in a series. It's so much sometimes I wonder how I ever did anything in previous years. And it's exciting to have so much going on with my life. I love watching my kids play and witnessing their accomplishments, but the writing is about my goals and my achievements. So this fall and right into the winter, I'm going to try and take my career to the next level. Stay with me for updates and wish me luck.

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