Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Hard Week's Work

Setting my weekly goals is really helping me stay on task. I did finish those edits for Medallion and send them back for The Keepers of Sulbreth. I had a wonderful editor who gently led me through the process.

I did go see the kids play their sports. Some excitement, some boredom and even a little sunshine instead of bitter rain.

I did some promotion on my yahoo groups. Does anyone know if that really does anything for sales or directing people to a blog or website?

I visited my favorite blogs most days. I do really enjoy that. It provides a real feeling of connection when I'm sitting at my chaos-plagued writer's desk and yearn for a gallon-sized goblet of wine.
Today I actually planted some ground cover around the maple tree in my front yard and squirted a little chemical death on a few stubborn thistles determined to crowded into my flowerbeds.
I'm calling last week a success in the goal department. I have to keep it going so forgive me if they're all starting to sound the same.
#1 - Get back to editing 'One Good Woman.' Yes, I've decided on a title for the fourth book in the Solonian Chronicles. I'm nearly half way as I hoped to be this month despite the pause to work on The Keepers of Sulbreth.
#2- Clean up my writing desk and organize my expense list and income spread sheet.
#3-I'm going to make my writer's meeting next Saturday, someway, somehow.
#4-I'm going to make some changes on my website. I think I have some deadend pages. Duh.
#5-I'm going to do a little more outside work. No promises on how much, just SOME.

Now #1 might have to be adjusted if I get my manuscript back from The Wild Rose Press to do first edits on To Tame a Tiger.
Thanks for all the support over the past two weeks. I'm going for number three.


Victoria said...

Looks like good progress and good goals! Good luck! (a lot of 'good' in there, lol)
Yay on #3! Remember we're at Perkins this month!

Ava Quinn said...

Great goals! Lots of writing in there. Hope to see you at Perkins!

Helen Ginger said...

Ya gotta admire a woman with a plan. Especially when she sticks to it and keeps moving forward. I think you should be congratulated on writing your goals and sharing them. (And accomplishing them.)


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Nice work, Sue! You're inspiring me to keep plugging away. :)

Helen Ginger said...

Make changes on my website -- that one on my list keeps getting put off and shuffled to the bottom of the list. I need to move it up and make it a priority.