Saturday, September 11, 2010


The Susquehanna Writers, a group blog composed of local Pennwriters, is going to be part of Blogmania.  Every blog involved in this yearly event will offer terrific prizes.  All prizes must have a minimum value of $100.
Later this week I'll have a picture of the basket put together as a group effort by my colleagues.  I contributed copies of The Greater Good and The Keepers of Sulbreth.  Hopefully I'll not only interest some new readers but we'll draw more followers to our young blog.  Cate Masters is running her own giveaway as a leadup to the September 14th and 15th event. 
I want to thank Cate for all the work she's done to set up our blog and give her due credit for its success.  I can't wait to see how many new followers we get.
How many blogs are you part of?  Are they all your individual blogs or are you part of a group? Have you found contests and giveaways to be successful ways of bringing attention to your blog?


  1. I post on two - my own and The Blood-Red Pencil which is a co-op blog. I did one giveaway I think. I always wonder if it's okay to give away books that were sent to you, so I haven't done it.

  2. I only do my own blog - that's enough on my plate at the moment :)