Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tour De Gourley

I'm rounding out my mini blog tour right here where I started.  At home.  It was fun, informative and I made many new friends. 

I more than doubled my number of followers and have discovered many, many great blogs I'll be visiting as often as I can.  I've made arrangements to have some of my fellow bloggers who hosted me on my tour guest on my blog later and some of them have already made a stop here.

Now that I've finished the tour I'll probably go back to posting 3 or 4 times per week.  I have some catching up to do on my WIP but I'll continue to promote Beyond the Gate and grow my blog.  Thanks to all of you who have been such a great part of my experience, giving me advice and encouragement.

What are some of your plans for the next few weeks?  Are you in the middle of a project or starting a new one?  Or are you going to tackle a big TBR pile?


  1. It was a great blog tour!

    I'm in the middle of a project right now.

  2. Good luck with your project. Thanks for stopping by my tour so often.

  3. Congrats for your successful blog tour. I'm in the middle of editing, which I need to get back to...sigh ;)

  4. I do have a big TBR stack, but I'm slowly cutting it down, one book at a time. My current project is reworking a manuscript.