Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Goodies

I was very busy with blogging this week and some deadlines fast approaching on the day job. Two meetings after school and one before made for three long days out of five. Then it was so cold most of the week until today.

But on the writing side, I felt pretty good about putting together a blog for the TBR blog kickoff week. I'll announce the winner of my giveaway later this week.  Then it was the fun first Wednesday blog for The Insecure Writer Group.  I met some new friends and learned how much writers have in common.  I feel I should take a sick day from school the first Wednesday in February so I can visit blogs all day. 

I visited a blog, forgive me but I don't remember who it was, and enjoyed her list of what she's anticipating for 2012.  What a great idea. There are some things I'm looking forward to, professionally and personally.

My daughter will make her decision shortly about what college she'll be attending next year.  She's an excellent student with limited only by what we can afford. It will be tough on me when she leaves and I'll miss her twenty times a day, but it will also be a bittersweet joy to watch her move forward toward the dreams she's worked so hard to make reality. 

Some of my favorite TV shows will be back in 2012 like Justified, White Collar, Haven and my new love, Person of Interest. In April HBO will bring us the second season of Game of Thrones.  Can't wait for that one.  Add to that some movies like the next Batman movie and The Avengers. And I can't forget The Hobbit.  I'll have eyes on the screen for a few hours this year.

I'm really hoping it doesn't rain so much this year.  Our area of the USA had nearly twice the normal amount of rainfall this past year.  I hope when warm weather arrives I'll be able to keep up with the outside chores.  I usually love doing them, but with all the rain last year the weeds won.

And perhaps my biggest source of anticipation for 2012 is starting my last year of teaching.  I'll be retiring at the end of the 2012-13 school year.  I love teaching teenagers but there's so much bulls*** surrounding the profession today and it's only going to get worse. I'll be glad to be out of it and be, hopefully, a full time writer starting in June, 2013. I'm sure I'll write more about this in the coming 17 months.

In the book world, I know a number of my favorite authors have books coming out I'll purchase the first day they're available.  I'll give shout outs when they happen and maybe some reviews.

On a slight continuation of my vow to do more promotion, I must mention that Beyond the Gate, Book #2 in my epic fantasy series, is finally available on Barnes and Noble for Nook.  It's been for sale on Smashwords and Kindle for a over a week but now it's everywhere.  That's a lot of places.

What are you looking forward to with great anticipation this year?  Will it arrive before the world ends in December?


  1. On the cinemafront, we're spoilt for choice. A host of awesome movies are going to be out pretty much back to back, and I can't wait for that.

    Game of Thrones Season 2 is also high on my anticipation list.

    Also, I hope this year to get a little more serious with blogging and, hopefully, with writing as well.

  2. I really enjoy the Insecure Writer's Posts too. I know what you mean about wanting to blog all day visiting all the posts. They are my favorites!

  3. I tried to visit as many Insecure Writers blogs as well, but didn't make it through half the list, I'm sure.
    I love Person of Interest too (and not just because of Jim Caveziel!) but have a bad feeling they'll axe it this year. Can't wait for The Hobbit either, I'm a huge Tolkien nut.
    Just looking for a better year all the way around.

  4. Now you know how I feel on the first Wednesday of the month! I think I finally visited the last blog yesterday.
    Congratulations on your last year of teaching!
    Looking forward to a lot of movies, new albums, upcoming books, and of course, February 28.

  5. I hope you enjoy your last year of teaching. :)
    It's great that starting next summer you'll have more time to write and do other things you love. Congratulations!

  6. You have lots of good things going on this year, 2012 looks to be shaping up nicely!

    I'm looking forward to publishing my novel in March, and learning and growing as a writer as I move closer to that date ...

  7. Hopefully 2012 will be great. Seems everyday I learn something else to look forward to.

  8. It sounds like a lot of things will happening in 2012!

    Same here for the IWSG. There are a lot of great blogs and posts on that list . . .

  9. You description of teaching sounds like our experience as foster parents. The kids were challenging but great. The SYSTEM however was so screwed up! We got tired of fighting it and quit.

  10. I'd say you're half way to success - you have a plan! Go for it. I plan to learn more about e-pubbing this year.

  11. All the best with your daughter and her decision of what college she's going to. It's certainly going to be a most cathartic year for you - you're retiring - wow!! All the best! Take care

  12. Congrats on nearing retirement. Don't be surprised if you don't get as much done as you hoped for. It just never works out that way. :)

  13. What a great list - looks like a fantastic year ahead. Happy 2012.