Monday, July 30, 2012

Out of Food

When do you know when you're in the zone, writing? When you're out jogging and didn't even notice what music played on your iPod because you're thinking about your characters. When you don't visit facebook for days. When you forget about lunch. When you notice there's no food in the house except for stale cereal and a jar of peanut butter.

So today we're down to about a cup of milk, four eggs and three whole wheat hamburger rolls and some frozen foods. I really need to go to the store, but I hate to stop when the words are flying off my keyboard. As of tonight, I'm over 37K into this newest WIP. I'm feeling a little pressure to get it done. I'll tell you on Wednesday during IWSG.
The Light at the End

I have managed to cook a few meals for my family's dinner the last two nights, but I've barely spoken to them. I just don't want to slow down. It's a pleasant tunnel I'm in and I can't quite see the light at the end, but there's some illumination shining through.

I apologize for not visiting as many blogs as I normally do and my posts have been a little bit sparse. In the meantime, my husband and kids might have to go out to eat.

Feeling any pressure lately with your writing? Do you wait until the cupboard is bare before going to the store, or do you keep stuff stocked up? What's the most words you've ever written in a day?


  1. I've been in the zone as well and coming in for a landing on the first draft.
    I never forget to eat though. I like food too much.

  2. I think it's good practice to clean out the cabinet every now and then and leave it to the rest of the family to figure out how to make a meal out of the stuff that's left (usually the things no one wanted to eat in the first place).

    That's awesome you're on a roll!

  3. Yet, somehow Alex, you manage to keep up with your blogging. I haven't found that part of the zone yet.
    You're right, Tonja, but they always act like they're starving and make me feel guilty.

  4. I love the zone. I miss it. I don't have enough time for it lately. The most words I've written in day is about 5700 for one year during NaNoWriMo. Hope your family manages to forage for some food!

  5. 5700, Christine. Very impressive. I've never worked NaNo into my schedule. I'm always working on edits of something during November.

  6. I get in trouble with my wife for neglecting some of the household stuff when I'm trying to get my writing done. When I'm in the zone I have to keep going until I can't see the screen anymore. I don't write fast, so I don't have a high daily word count. I think my best day was 5000...once.

  7. The only thing I have in my house on a regular basis is chocolate. I obviously don't have children.

    But it doesn't much matter because when I'm in the zone, I never remember to eat. And if I did, I wouldn't want to stop because I'd break the rhythm.

  8. Most in a day? Probably about 3000 (but not fiction, sadly). I do tend to wait until I feel like Old Mother Hubbard before I decide to do any shopping; not the best way to be but I agree if you're in the zone then don't fight it :)

  9. Most in a day was 14,000 but that was a total fluke. My ex had taken my daughter on a trip, I didn't answer the phone, and we already had leftover pizza in the fridge. That was also 16 hours in front of the computer which I can attest is no fun the next day. My hands didn't work for a week.

    As for the cupboard,Tonja's right, it's good to clean out the cupboard once in awhile.

  10. Ah, the zone. It's so wonderful there you hate to leave. I'm the same way - once a certain momentum builds, you either have to go with it, or lose it. Go Susan go!
    I've managed as much as 12k in a weekend, but that's if, like you, it's ripened in my head to the point it blocks out everything else I'm doing.

  11. Right now, we have no milk. Haven't had it for like 5 days now. I'm waiting til there is nothing in the fridge. I hate interruptions.

    The most words I've written in a day is like close to 10,000. I wrote my way through dinner.

    The zone is good.



  12. Hope you get a breather soon. Good job on all the work you're doing.

  13. This is what leftovers are for. And freezers. You go, girl!

  14. Feeling huge pressure to finish my WIP! (Yikes!) But enough about that...

    Kudos to you - and roll with it, Susan.

    Two words of advice: Take out. ;)

  15. Costco! We keep stocked up. And then some.

    The most words I've done in a day was about 13k, but that was a while ago. Late last month I got 8000 in one day, but my norm is closer to 2000.