Saturday, September 15, 2012

Share the Spirit

The school nurse sent an email around this week, taking a poll of who would like to receive flu shots this year. Teachers have to pay for them, but the nurse can give it to you at school. I never get one. I'm one of those lucky people who never seem to get the flu even though teachers are exposed to tons of germs from all those sick, dedicated students dragging themselves to school instead of staying home. But it is the season of contagion coming up. If you know me, you know I'm using that as a lead in about writing.

Good news and successes are contagious in this business. Every time one of our writer friends share their successes, it recharges our desire to work harder. Our own success looks closer. Our enthusiasm gets a jolt of recharging energy. The community of writers I feel a part of, through this blog, support each other. We route for each other. We give advice and cheer for victories.

So spread some of the good stuff this year. Not your cold, not the achy flu, but your good news. Give the infection of success to all those around you. Work harder, cheer louder and let the enthusiasm of your friends sweep you along with them to reach your goals.

To help the epidemic along, I'm going to share some places where you can catch some enthusiasm too. Siv Maria over at Been There, Done That, tagged me in a game where you can talk about your WIP. Hers sound really interesting and her blog has lots to share.

Natalie Damschroder has been a writing friend of mine almost from the beginning of my start in this crazy profession. She has a new release, Under the Moon, and is running so many great contests during her release party you have to visit her blog, Indulge Yourself, to check out the long list.

Alex Cavanaugh's latest blogfest, Favorite Genre, is on Monday, September 17th. It's going to be fun. You can still join.

So does hearing about others' success fire up your enthusiasm? Are you getting a flu shot this year or taking your chances? Are you doing any blogfests this fall?


  1. Not getting a flu shot. But definitely participating in Alex's blogfest on Monday :)

  2. No flu shot - you'll just get the flu!
    Thanks for mentioning my blogfest on Monday.
    And the success of others is very inspiring.

  3. I don't believe in flu shots. My theory is that's why the flu has mutated into more serious strains. (Or, you can believe I'm a chicken, lol)
    Looking forward to Alex's blog hop! And I love hearing other authors' good news.

  4. thank you for supporting and encouraging other writers!! yes, others success definitely motivates me. so I wish you success too! as an employed nurse I always got flu a nonworking nurse, i rarely get flu shots..

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  6. I absolutely agree with you. I think we need to surround ourselves with positive people and contribute to that positive energy.

    I think I'll get a flu shot this year, but I always get sick for a day.