Friday, December 13, 2013

Smaug the Terrible vs Kerik the Conflicted

Today one of the most famous dragons in fictional history takes to the big screen. Smaug the magnificent, terrible scourge of death and destruction. The epitome of greed and self-centered existence, Smaug lives in infamy.

Kerik, my dragon, is a more complex character. Not that he doesn't feel many of the same things as Tolkien's scaly creature, but he fights against his dragon nature. As a dragon, Kerik knows he's a superior being compared to mere humans. But because of his upbringing, he cares for some of those puny humans. The dragon Kerik knows that humans are his only natural enemy, yet he takes a side in the human war.

What are the chances more people read about my dragon in the next year than will read about Smaug? Probably about as much chance as me running a 5:30 mile today. But I'm still hoping a little dragon love will spill over to my book, First Dragon. It's had a little sales bump this past week, so I'm hoping.

Are your heading out into the next winter storm to see The Desolation of Smaug in its opening weekend? Did you buy any Tolkien books for gifts this Christmas? Don't forget, today is the last day to get your name in for the wonderful contest at the IWSG site.


  1. Kerik sounds like such a fascinating character. Having him be a dragon who's conflicted is such an interesting take on this being! Also, that's so great about the sales bump--hope it continues for you!

  2. I bet your book comes up in many searches for Dragons - and hope there are many downloads.

  3. Love the cover of your book. Very nice. And no, on headed out to see the movie. Though some I guess saw it last night. Burrrrrr, I'll wait until it hits NetFlix, most likely.

    Have a groovy weekend.

    PS: Just pulled an apple dessert out of the fridge that I made yesterday. Holy cow, good stuff, but I gotta eat more than that for breakfast or my cute jeans won't be around very much longer.


  4. I hope you're right about the searches, Alex.
    Ivy, I love anything with apples in.
    Thanks, Heather.

  5. Personally, I think Kerik sounds a lot more interesting than Smaug. So maybe I can add to the count of those who read more about your dragon.

  6. With one dragon being pumped like crazy, it sure can't hurt searches and having yours show up.

  7. Kerik is multi-dimensional and more interesting. Smaug has a selfish goal to keep his hoard by destruction.
    Oh yes. We will be there to see the movie today. Bigtime JRRTolkien fans.

  8. Have fun, Susan. I'm waiting until next weekend. Thanks for your support, LD.
    I hope you're right, Pat.

  9. I'm sure it will spur dragon searches. Hopefully people will be hungry to read about them again.

  10. Would you believe I didn't even realize there was a movie??

  11. I won't be going to see any films in the theater this weekend. I still haven't even seen the first Hobbit movie.

    I wish you well with your book.

    Wrote By Rote

  12. Kerik sounds like an interesting dragon - has he been vetted by Father Dragon :)

    Wishing you much success with your book - and a very Merry Christmas, too :)

  13. I like the sound of your dragon, Susan -- and that's a great-looking cover.

  14. I hope your book gets a boost because of the movie!

  15. I hope you get plenty of dragon attention to your book! I probably won't visit Smaug for a couple weeks yet. Not big on crowded movie theaters these days.

    The Warrior Muse