Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Summer is Over When....

Summer is over for me when we close the pool for the winter. Tomorrow is the day when we'll lower the water level and put the cover on. It's appears to be good timing as the days are mellowing from today's 90 degrees to seasonal 70's for the next week or so.

September is also the month when next year's Old Farmer's Almanac goes on sale, celebrating its 224th year. It's available now. I haven't share many of the Almanac's wisdom lately so to celebrate fall and the release of the 2016 Almanac I'm going to give you some Old Farmer's wisdom.

To eliminate garlic breath, eat an apple.

Dogs can hear sounds four time farther away than humans can and distinguish differences of as little as 1/8 of a tone.

Money is like manure: Unless you spread it around, it doesn't do much good.

A chicken can run at 9 mph.

"When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt." Henry Kaiser

I read a recent article in Poets and Writers by University of Michigan professor, Jeremiah Chamberlin that I found shocking at first but the more I read the more sense it made. Basically, after many years of teaching college students, he found a common belief among his students that rural people aren't as smart as their urban counterparts and are lacking in emotional depth and self-knowledge. He attributes these misconceptions to the facts such as 80% of Americans live in cities or suburbs and have little contact with the 20% living in rural areas. Also contributing is the media portrayals of rural types into either down-home, old fashioned values people or skin-head militias. Chamberlin believes it is a common prejudice that is never discussed though we discuss others like, race, sexual preference and religion.

Since I am one of the rural types, it worries me that the people holding these beliefs are the ones likely to be the future leaders in politics and industry. America has come a long way from our agricultural roots but is that a good thing?

Friday is September 11th, the day of infamy for our generation. Like many of you, I'll never forget where I was on that day. The feeling of being stunned, sickened and sad. I feel some of that all over again on the 11th.

Do you remember where you were on 9/11? Do you think us country folks are kind of dumb? Do you believe that is a common feeling out there? Did you ever try to catch a chicken?


  1. Believe me, there are plenty of dumb people in the city.
    I like the saying about spreading money around.
    I'll never forget being at work and watching live as the plane struck the second tower...

  2. Summer will end for us too this weekend. We are draining our pool as well. Temperatures are predicted to cool, so it is inevitable. Sure loved it this summer thought. I never realized chickens could run that fast, and you will never see me trying to catch one. Lol

  3. Summer will end for us too this weekend. We are draining our pool as well. Temperatures are predicted to cool, so it is inevitable. Sure loved it this summer thought. I never realized chickens could run that fast, and you will never see me trying to catch one. Lol

  4. lol probably more dumb people in cities as they do have 80%. So hiding my money in my mattress doesn't do any good? damn!

  5. A chicken??? Holy crap. I'd lose to a chicken. Then again, I'm not a huge fan of birds. So the mere fact that it was running near me might make me pick up the pace.

  6. I had no idea chickens could run that quick! Our public swimming pool closed Labor Day. So it is now autumn in my book! I don't think country folk are dumb at all. I know far more idiotic city folk!

  7. I've never chased a chicken. I have chased our tortoises, and while I can catch them pretty easily, they move faster than you'd think. :)

  8. Social media colors many of our perceptions and rarely are they accurate. All you can do is actively get to know people before you fry them in oil.

    re: 9-11
    Lots to remember about that day. I hope the US never forget as we tend to do so often.

  9. Yep, summer is over when the pool gets "winterized." I also agree, it tends to cool down a bit after Labor Day, even if the days are warm, the nights are cooler, and people tend to think less of swimming in September as opposed to July or August.

    Yep, won't ever forget that morning of 9/11 back in 2001. Thought son was watching a movie on TV when it was actually the truth sadly.

    I think I would hurt myself if I tried to chase a chicken :)


  10. Country folks are the most sincere people I've ever known and it's doubtful that many city dwellers could begin to appreciate, let alone survive, the country life.
    "The chicken is the Country's, but the city eats it" ~ George Herbert
    I had just picked up my purse and keys to leave for work as the horror of 9/11 streamed live on the TV. I wondered if 'work' would even matter anymore...

  11. I remember where I was, swimming in a college pool. Wasn't until my first class when we found out what was going on. I've always enjoyed living in a city that's close to rural and agricultural areas, personally. :)

  12. Wait, if the end of summer is when you close the pool, I haven't experienced the end in 6 years. =)

    There is definitely a different mentality about rural vs urban areas, but I've lived in both and they're just that: different. Neither is better. People are people regardless of their setting. Rural areas have slower talkers and people who savor life and the moments. Urban areas move quickly and challenge ones ability to stay sane. I think the best is somewhere in between.

  13. Hi Susan - yes Autumn is coming here .. we've had a few days of an Indian Summer here.

    I'd say in a great many respects the country folk are wiser, better informed, more able to survive whatever is thrown at them ... I can understand the findings though ... and as Alex says there's a lot of dumb people in the cities and towns ...

    Interesting post .. and eat parsley to get rid of garlic, and eat garlic pieces - apparently it leaves less of a taint ... the smaller, smashed up the stronger garlic it will be. Cheers Hilary

  14. I never heard of garlic breath being cured by an apple. I will definitely have to remember that as I do love garlic on things.

    I don't think "country" means dumb, but I definitely know the stereotype. Sometimes it's easy to just assume, but it only leads to a lot of problems, so I try to never do it.

  15. I never tried to catch a chicken, but I don't think country folks are dumb. Please don't think all of us from Louisiana live on a swamp and wrestle gators, LOL. Interesting tidbits of information. I love learning things I may never use and then again they may come in quite handy. I will never forget where I was on 9/11. It's strange for me to discuss it with my kids, the younger one who wasn't even born refers to it as history like we used to refer to the JFK assignation. He can't quite comprehend that something so tragic occurred in my lifetime. I truly can't either.
    Take care

  16. I agree, I didn't know chickens can run that fast. Don't worry, stupid people are everywhere. I live in South Africa, but all of us were in shock and saddened about what happened on the 11th of September.

  17. I've always wondered what people with pools do for the winter months, so thanks for clearing that one up :)

    Can't believe the Almanac is still around - but that's a good thing!! Some things are built (published to last :)

    I republished my annual blog post to 9/11.




  18. I remember exactly where I was on September 11. I'll never forget it.

    No, I have never caught a chicken.

    I have lived in urban and rural areas. Rural people aren't dumb, they're just not attuned to living in the rat race where everyone is spinning 100 miles an hour. That's why city folks think country folks are dumb. They're not "fast". However, when the zombie apocolypse comes, the only people who'll be able to survive are the country folks because they know where to find water and food and shelter. City folks will be trying to figure out a way to save their $300 pair of shoes and their cell phones.

  19. I've never tried to catch a chicken, but I can imagine they do run that fast. Turtles sometimes can run pretty fast, too! :) I don't have that impression of rural people, but I also grew up in a forest for the first 12 years of my life, so maybe I already knew it be default.

    I was sleeping on 9/11 when my mom woke me up. Only me. And we watched it and cried together, before I had to go to work... at a flower shop, which naturally was getting orders all day related to the event, even though we were based in California.

  20. I grew up on a farm in Illinois, and I know all about trying to catch those darned chickens. I also learned it's easier to escape a big old white rooster by climbing up on the tractor than trying to run away. They're mean and they're fast.