Monday, March 13, 2017

Goodreads, GoT, and Hoedown Showdown

Lots of news to share today as PA and most of the northeast USA braces for a snowstorm. Lots of us had a 'oh no' moment last week when HBO announced Game of Thrones would not return until July 16th for season 7. Do they know how many times I've already watched season 6? I can't wait that long!

In more excitement of things to come from IWSG, we're forming a book club on Goodreads. Please join us and invite your friends.

Not on Goodreads?
The IWSG book club is a good reason to join.
 Don’t do much on Goodreads?
This is an excellent way to dip your toes in a little more.
 Not enough time in your day?
We read one book every two months.
OUR GOAL: The Insecure Writer's Support Group (Book Club) is for writers to read/learn about the writing craft. In this book club, we will swap back and forth between non-fiction writing books and fiction books that demonstrate how to do certain aspects of storytelling. 

No promo. No review or beta reader requests. Just writers reading books and discussing those books with other writers.
**The first book will be announced on April 1st.**
**The discussion will start on May 17th.**
For more details and to join: Book Club

Don't forget to work on that Twitter pitch sponsored by IWSG coming in July. Being in the right place at the right time is how many authors find their agent or publisher.

I met a woman last week who arranges the books on her shelves by color. ???? What? There are people who don't arrange their books by author and subject matter? Am I the only one who thinks arranging by color is very strange. How do you find what you're looking for? Do you say to yourself, 'I think I'll read a blue book today?'

I have the pleasure of sharing news from a friend of mine. Misty Simon writes romance and mysteries. Her heroine, Ivy Morris, is fun and smart as are the amusing characters who live in her small town.
Hoedown Showdown, Ivy Morris Mysteries by Misty Simon

With the Tasty Tomato Tournament just days away, the small town of Martha’s Point is all abuzz. This is the first year without a sure winner, and the competition is fierce to gain the judges’ approval, even before the tournament starts.

But when Ivy finds one of those judges dead in a shed across the street, things go from bad to worse. All she wanted was seven glorious, kid-free days of messing around with her husband. Instead, she’s going to be tracking down a killer, staying out of the way of a pickle-obsessed farmer, and dodging the new cop who seems out for her blood.

Find Misty on Twitter, Facebook, and her website.

Are you anxious for Game of Thrones to come back on? How do you arrange books on your shelves? Are you a member of Goodreads and ready to join a new group? Are you in the path of the oncoming storm?


  1. Methinks that woman is more of a fashionista than a reader.

    I tend to sort my books by genre first.

  2. Arranged by color? I'd never find anything.
    Stay safe during the snow. We're just getting cold here.

  3. Hi Susan - snow lots ... that's not nice: so good luck when it hits. Game of Thrones - 'fraid another thing I don't watch!

    The new IWSG Goodreads group sounds like something I need to do - seeing as I'm not a member of IWSG or Goodreads ... so better get joining and doing .. .

    I'll keep this post -to remind myself ... cheers Hilary

  4. Can't wait for GoT! I saw something that said "Winter is coming. In summer." :)

    My bookshelves are loosely arranged by genre, but that's about it.

  5. Not s lot of books here. All on my tablet. Be safe in the storm. 90 degrees here.


  6. You know, I read a blue last week, but then today I was really in the mood for a yellow so I read one of those instead.

    Yeah, that makes zero sense.

    Not only is GoT delaying the season, but it's only 7 episodes. Then season 8 will only be 6 episodes. Maybe if we're lucky they'll broadcast that before 2020.

  7. I signed up for the goodreads book club. I see a lot of people already have. This is going to be great fun. Thanks for introducing Misty to us.

  8. No snow here, but it is cool, and i'm glad. While i've heard of people arranging books by color, it never made sense to me, either.

  9. GOT sure is taking its sweet time and only 13 episodes left too.

    Hmm I think I want a purple book today. Maybe one half purple and half blue? Rainbow colors may do the trick. Yeah, kinda umm dumb.

  10. I like my mix of colors on the bookshelf. I'm organized, but that's too much.

  11. Ugh, snow. The latest reports around here are forecasting anywhere from four to twelve inches.

    I arrange the books by author, and then by when they came. It's weird. It never occurred to me to do it any differently.

  12. I finally stopped arranging the books on my bookshelves because Katie Cat keeps pulling them out so they're on the floor. I think it would be a cool decorating scheme to arrange the books by color though. Maybe one day when I don't have anything else to do...

  13. I give all my books to Friends Of The Library rather than let them collect dust on my shelves.

  14. I just got into GoT. I watched all 5 seasons in January and February. I need to watch season 6. I think season 7 or 8 might be it for the show. :(

    Thank you for helping to announce the book club! :)

  15. I arrange my books by author. I also have a data base with them on, DVDs the same. I couldn't get into Game of Thrones although the first books I read were pretty good. Not sure where I stopped, they were taking so long.

  16. I used to have a "kids" shelf and "my" shelf for bookshelves. Now that my kids are teens and I admit to reading books from picture book level through adult, they are all shelved together, alphabetically. I don't even separate non-fiction from fiction anymore. I would never organize by color. However, our DVDs are a mess and when organized are by genre.
    Hope all is well. I'm waiting for a few shows, too, and my kids decided they wanted to watch all the old seasons of Survivor on Amazon Prime ... so that is definitely taking up the "watching" time in our house ... until I can't stand it because I've memorized all of Jeff Probst's lines.

  17. Mine are arranged alphabetically author-wise, separated into fiction and non-fiction - can't retrieve books if they are arranged by colour/height of spine or any other visual aspect.

  18. Well you know, genres tend to group in specific color spectrums, so I'm thinking that might actually be a decent way to go. Actually, I arrange my books by the year I read them. Yup. Simple, easy. I should probably add genre tags too, but I don't. *shrugs* Too much effort?

  19. Misty's book sounds fun! Thanks for the tip :)

    I have to admit I have arranged a bookshelf by colour - it's a beautiful homemade piece and I displayed some of my dad's books along with mine. Looked great! (until it drove me nuts and I rearranged again!)

  20. Well, if she places them on the shelve with the bound edge facing in they'll all be pretty much the same color.

    I don't know where that thought came from. I'd better leave now.