Monday, August 28, 2017

The Old is New Again

So, I got my new computer and finally set it all up. I'm still getting used the keyboard and I hate the different style of mouse thingy. I'll get used to it. It's worth it to have a battery that lasts forever (in comparison) and no interruptions in internet from a wonky something or other. Yes, I'm a computer expert and know all the terms. The switch over gave me an opportunity to clear some things off my computer. Why did I have all those things sitting around on my desktop?

Hope you all got to see the eclipse last week. With your safety glasses, of course. It was really cool though I would put it in the same category of cool as Aurora borealis. I've only seen those once and it was unforgettable.

Without even a chance to get over the Game of Thrones finale, I have a dentist appointment this morning. So, I'll be getting around to blogs later today to return visits. I stop in on many blogs who have excellent content about writing, new releases, recipes, and sometimes are just amusing. I want to share them on Twitter or Facebook, but there are no share buttons to make it easy. If you have a blog, I  hope you'll make sure you have that simple add-on so your visitors can spread the word of your existence.

Watching my daughter full time has put me back on the writing schedule I used while I was still teaching. And I like it. I'm doing my writing at night again after having the entire day for my mind to figure out the next scene. I'm feeling younger and more efficient again and not only because I'm chasing an infant around who has learned to crawl before she's even 6 months old.

Also helping my writing is the complete lack of interesting TV. Thrones is over for the season and my other summer fun, Salvation, is almost done. I think the next thing I'm looking forward to is the second season of Stranger Things. The Defenders on Netflix was okay even though I'm not a fan of Iron Fist, the series or the actor. I am looking forward to The Punisher later this year.

I will not be posting next Monday on Labor Day. We'll probably be doing the family cookout and games thing.

Are you making plans for Labor Day weekend? See the eclipse? Did you watch The Defenders? Do you have share buttons on your blog?


  1. Hi Susan - glad the computer is back up and running again and you're in 'go mode' for the autumn. Enjoy the family cookout next weekend - ours is today ... cheers Hilary

  2. Hi, I came to visit from Pat's. It sounds like you are enjoying life and have found a workable schedule. I too cannot wait for Stranger Things

  3. I can't believe GoT is over for the season - argh! We started watching Atypical and SuperGirl on Netflix. Enjoying them both so far. Also liked Glow.

    I have those Share button things at the bottom of my posts. I hope they work! :)

    Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

  4. The great switch over. We call it the great computer shuffle in our house - my husband gets a new one, I get his old one, and my old one is shuffled to backup.

    No glasses, so I watched the eclipse through a pinhole camera. Not as effective. It did dim a bit outside, but not a lot. I remember the 1979 eclipse better. I still lived in Oregon and it went completely dark outside.

  5. Getting a great schedule down is sure a win. Blah to the dentist though. The Defenders wasn't bad, but none of the bad guys really did much, aside from Elektra.

  6. Hi, Susan! I hopped over from Pat's blog today to visit. I'm enjoying his featuring of other blogs.

    Right now I'm bemoaning the end of GOT for this year. Next year will be even worse when the series ends. Have you seen "Orphan Black?" My husband and I enjoyed the entire series this summer.

    It's always challenging to switch to a new computer. Good luck as you continue to adapt to yours. Fortunately my hubby is happy with an iPad, so I always get a new computer.

    I watched the eclipse with glasses, a pinhole camera, and a telescope that projected the image on a screen, thanks to my husband's pickleball buddies. We had 92% coverage here. It was a wonder to see! I have seen the northern lights many times, and I've seen some spectacular displays that eclipsed the eclipse!

    Thanks for the blog sharing tips ~ Duh! I didn't know you could share posts with a button. I am not a computer expert! LOL Have a good one!

  7. hi Susan, I coming to visit from Pat's site. Nice to know you.
    My twins were seeing GOT last night and we can't talk nothing wheb they do !
    my daugther is sad because the season finish.for now !!

  8. 1) Saw the eclipse from the roof of my office building
    2) I didn't even realize Labor day was coming up.
    3) Haven't watched the Defenders yet because I need to first finish slogging through Iron Fist
    4) Yes, but not as good as yours.

  9. Ye olde learning curve! Don't you love it? I'm sure the constant changes in our tech world are keeping our brains agile, so I've started to appreciate the fact that I wake up everyday having to retrain myself to deal with my computer. Happy Labor Day. The end of summer is coming way too fast.

  10. Good luck with your computer Susan, one gets used to one then you have to adapt to the new one.


  11. I would love to see the Aurora borealis!

    Not having anything good on TV sure does make more time for writing. :)

  12. Glad things are going well for you Susan. Getting used to a new PC system isn't easy. No, I don't have those share thingies, never used them so didn't think they were useful. Maybe I should add them. Don't watch a lot of TV so didn't watch any of the programmes mentioned. Tried borrowing DVDs of GoT but although I enjoyed the books, I didn't enjoy the TV.

  13. Are you making plans for Labor Day weekend? NO
    See the eclipse? YES, obtaining glasses took work, and did not get mugged for the effort.
    Did you watch The Defenders? Yes.+ all related individual series of heros
    Do you have share buttons on your blog? Yes, but have not figure out how to get back into my individual post on my new website-working on it.

    I really hate when I have computer troubles, I love it so...:), lol
    Have a grand Labor Day Weekend. Happy Cook Out!!

    Juneta @ Writer's Gambit

  14. I did see the eclipse, but haven't gotten to watch The Defenders yet. I haven't heard terribly good things about it. I did watch The Tick on Prime, though! Have a wonderful long weekend. :)

  15. Susan, I did watch the eclipse with my back to the sun--the crescent shadows on my sidewalk and the side of the house were amazing. I posted a couple of photos on my blog.

    This long weekend I'm planning a personal writing retreat right here in my little office with only the drummer guy next door, the needy cat, and the needier dog to disturb me. I'm even trying to plan meals ahead so I don't have to spend time preparing stuff. My husband will cooperate as long as he has lots of football to watch!

    And yes, I have social media sharing buttons on my blog. I haven't tested them lately to make sure they're still working though. I guess I should do that.

  16. The lack of share buttons drives me batty too!
    We didn't have a great view of the eclipse but the light did go weird and wonky for an hour or so :)

  17. Hope your cookout was fun. I don't know what to do with my Sundays now either. A breather before The Walking Dead returns.

  18. I can't believe that Game of Thrones is already over! I've had the pleasure of finishing The Defenders, and it's a really good series!

  19. GoT! waaaah!! but yaaayyyy! too many emotions... such an awesome series!
    My oldest - who we just dropped off at college -- got me hooked on Criminal Minds because his girlfriend loves it and is going to major in criminal justice - great series, getting me through the tv blahs
    happy Sept!