Monday, March 8, 2021

Daytime Drama by Sarahlyn Bruck’s

It gives me great pleasure to introduce fellow PA writer, Sarahlyn Bruck and her newest book release. I love a story about mature women dealing with the real life issues of work, family, and all the mess that goes with it. 

Daytime Drama is a Stirring Journey of Self-Discovery Where a Soap Opera Star Struggles to Reinvent Her Career and Personal Identity

 Daytime Drama is a compelling narrative focused on Callie Hart, a famous daytime soap star, as she navigates a potential career change, an interfering mother, and a stalled relationship. This journey of self-discovery will not only greatly appeal to female readers in general, but because it is a fun, fast-paced beach read, those who enjoy Hollywood stories, soap operas, and stories about families and relationships will eagerly fly through the novel’s pages with hearty abandon.

Calliope Hart  has been known to soap opera fans as Napa Valley’s resident diva, Jessica Sinclair  for 25 years. Once work is done for the day, however, Callie takes on the mantle of a flustered and harried
single mother, scrambling to provide for her 12-year-old son and her own mother. As such, when the network announces that her show will be cancelled, Callie is beyond shocked, and finds herself contending with an identity crisis. Driven by financial concerns for her family that includes blackmail payments to her son’s biological father, she quickly rallies fans to save the show. However, when she learns that her mother has been driving her son to auditions Callie’s strictly forbidden – and worse, that he’s been offered opportunities – Callie sees her own son’s youth and drive in competition with her age and experience. Callie must, in the end, decide whether to play it safe and continue fighting to keep her show alive and kicking, or summon the courage to take a risk and start over from scratch – and, for the first time, test her mettle as an actress and a mom.

  Maureen Joyce Connolly, author of “Little Lovely Things” explains, “With her sophomore novel, “Daytime Drama,” Sarahlyn Bruck builds on her reputation as a master craftsman of relationships. Prepare yourself for a compelling journey as Bruck’s characters plunge into the depths of self-discovery when love and trust are brought into question by circumstance…Bruck’s deft approach and keen eye for nuance is both clever and ultra-relatable, creating a story and characters that stay with the reader long after the book is done.”

About the author

Sarahlyn Bruck is the author of two novels, “Daytime Drama” (TouchPoint Press, 2021) and “Designer You” (Crooked Cat Books, 2018). “Designer You” won the Indie Star Book Award for 2019 and was included on the 2018 “35 Over 35” list. When she’s not writing novels, Sarahlyn moonlights as a full-

time writing and literature professor at a local community college. A California native, she now lives in Philadelphia with her husband, daughter, and cockapoo. For the latest book news, events, and announcements, check out her website:

 About the Publisher

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  1. What a great title for this book. Congrats to Sarahlyn!

  2. Congratulations, Sarahlyn. Quite the choice - do you let your kid go down the same path or change for both of you?

  3. A very and rewarding life. I wish her luck with Daytime Drama 🌹

  4. Looks like a good interesting book Susan.


  5. All of us have to contend with when to hold on with children, and when and how and how much to let go. Sounds like a great read!