Monday, January 4, 2010

Radio of the Future

I did my very first radio interview ever. Blog radio will air my interview about my new release, The Keepers of Sulbreth, on starting today. Hopefully one or two people will pull themselves away from tonight's bowl game and listen. If not, the interview will be available at my publisher.

As you can imagine, I was quite nervous going into the interview, but Kristina smoothed the way. Fortunately, everything was recorded so she will edit out any fumbles. She expected it to take an hour but we finished in less than that so I hope that means it went well. I can't wait to hear the finished version.

The publishers I work with for my romance novels both maintain blogs but I think I like blog radio better as far as ease for me in speaking. You can get a lot of information in a few minutes that will take much longer to type and proof. And Kristina did the hard work of cleaning it up.

How many of you have experienced blog radio either as a listener or a blogger? Do you see a big future in it or will other technology overtake it? Or has it already?


  1. I've been interviewed once on Blog Radio and it was a fun experience. I feel like just about everything is moving to the Internet, from books to radio to newspapers to socializing to ... everything.

    Straight From Hel

  2. You could be right. Don't forget things like shopping, dating, bill paying... everything.