Monday, April 25, 2011

U: Unrepentant

It's been so much fun on A to Z this month but this week, starting today, I need to do some unrepentant self-promotion.  My sixth published fantasy romance will be released Friday, April 29th.  Tiger's Mate is the second book in a series that started out with one publisher but I moved the second book to a different publisher.

New Concepts Publishing contracted my first four romance novels and now are taking on Tiger's Mate.  NCP is one of the oldest ebook publishers out there.  They've been successful for a long time when many other smaller publishers have folded.  Lately they've been doing more and more to help their authors with promotion unlike so many big publishers who promote only the big names at their houses.

But all authors, especially me, must still do our share of shameless, unrepentant self promotion.  I'm not a shy person but I don't easily speak and write loudly to put my work forward. Like most writers, I'd rather just write.  But I also want to sell my books.  I want people to read them.  Therefore they must know about them.

So today at my publisher, New Concepts, I've the featured author on their Manic Monday Promotion.  From noon until midnight,  all my books are 30% off.  A good price on what I think are good books, perhaps even excellent books.  How did I do with shameless?

How good are you with self-promotion? Does your publisher help you?  What kind of things has your publisher done for you?


  1. Hey congrats on the new book coming out! Of course you need to do some self-promotion, such is the state of the book market. Yahoo for you!

  2. Congratulations, Susan! And I still struggle with self-promotion. Even more gun-shy after what happened two weeks ago.

  3. I struggle with self promotion all the time. I feel like I'm not doing enough and at the same time I feel like I'm in everybody's face. I wish you much success and I love you blog. I look forward to return visits.

  4. I don't have anything really to promote but I'm sure some day I will. And when that day comes, I'm sure I'll experience some kind of epic fail.

    And this, I know, is exactly the sort of attitude that will take me far in life.

    Good luck with your latest release!