Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z: Zone

Every runner and writer has experienced it, being in 'the zone.'  For the runner, everything is easy.  Your breathing is in perfect rhythm to your steps.  Your legs feel strong and your feet seem to bounce off the ground.  Your body feels like it could run forever. 

For writers, it's those times when your fingers can't keep up with the thoughts tumbling from the bottomless well of creativity in your mind.  You always come up with the perfect verb and not one adverb sneaks its way into the prose.  Scenes come alive on the computer screen with descriptions better than a picture.  This is the zone and if you're lucky it could last for days.  Even a few hours of the zone can produce thousands of words.

How does one find the zone?  For runners I believe training and pushing yourself each time you tie on your sneakers can lead to those workouts where your slip into the zone.  For writers?  I think knowing where your story is going, knowing your characters and finding enough hours to write can take you to the zone.

Have you ever found the zone while writing?  What the best production day you ever had writing?


  1. I think there's definitely a zone I get into when writing, but I can fall out of it quite easily. Screaming kids usually do the trick.

    Well done on reaching the nd of the challenge.

    Moody Writing

  2. Nice post, gotta tell you i do my best writing in the twilight zone :)

  3. I love the zone. I want to live there.

  4. Oh yes - I know about being in the zone when writing - it's called 'time travel' (as in, ".....where did the last three hours go?"

    I agree, there's that realisation that your fingers need to speed up to keep up with the flow of thoughts that are erupting from your brain - strangely, most of the time when you read back over what you've written you surprise yourself with the clarity of what has been produced!

    Arrived here on the last day of the A-Z challenge via the 'surprise me button' - I'll take a wander through your previous posts, if you don't mind!

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

  5. Susan, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  6. So, there reallly is a place called The Zone? Sounds wonderful!!! I like how you compared it to running; first you have to put on those shoes...

  7. It was a good day today. I hit the "zone" on the treadmill this morning...and on the laptop this afternoon! Great post.

  8. Just wanted to say hi again. Yes... taking a nice long break from a month full of crazy blogging is SO deserving!

    Enjoy your time!

    YA Paranormal Romance Darkspell coming soon!


  9. I love comparisons between running & writing! I draw those lines all the time.

    I get in the zone from time to time, which is fantastic. But if I'm not in the zone, then do I ever know it-- yipe! Everything is hard-going and I can barely remember how to form a sentence. :(