Sunday, August 7, 2011


Today is the last day I can get the extra 10% discount at Borders.  I'm going to visit one last time and pick over the bare bones of books left. Lots of hardbacks are left in the mystery and fantasy rows.  A few tempt me but not enough.  I want to buy them but even with the discount and sales price most are going to be around fifteen dollars.  If they were by authors I put on the keeper shelf I would snag them but I'll probably wait for the paper back or the library to finally get them.  Once they're out in paperback I can get them much cheaper for my eReader also.

It's still sad to go in the store and see the cafe closed and that ugly, uncomfortable furniture with bright orange price tags on.  My daughter and I spent many hours together there, talking about books and sharing all kinds of talks.  We have found nothing to replace Borders yet, at least not within easy commuting distance. 

I composed at least a third of my blogs while sitting in that cafe as well as typing 'The End' on two of my novels while enjoying an over priced cup of iced coffee.   I already miss you.

Have any of you shopped at your local going-out-of-business Borders?  Any good buys?


  1. Hello, Susan. We were in Monterey, California last weekend for a four-day vacation. While we were at their large Mall, we stopped into their Borders and came out with quite the handful of books. My teacher wife picked up several books for her 5th graders. I picked up a couple things, too, but Lord knows when I'll have time to read.
    It is terribly sad to see them go.


  2. I'll miss our Border's. Daughter and I shared many thoughts in the cafe while people watching. There's a rumor we are getting something called (I think) Books and More. I have no idea what t is.

  3. We're hitting the last one in Raleigh next weekend. Probably won't be much remaining that I'd actually want, but I must look.

  4. I'm still hoping another book seller will move in the fill the gap.
    I picked up three paperbacks last time.

  5. There isn't one around here, but I'm going to miss seeing other Borders . . .

  6. Another one bites the dust! If you're talking about the Borders on Jonestown Rd, a month agao it was bright and busy and the shelves were loaded. Our critique group met there monthly. Oh, woe is me...

  7. When the Borders closed down in Cardiff, I snagged a load of Black Library novels for dirt cheap. Plus there were Family Guy DVD boxsets that were 75% off; had to fight off a few punters for that bargain!

  8. How sad to think of a bookshop closing. Over here in Britain, our libraries are at risk of closing. I know I haven't use my in such a long time, but I always took my son there when he was little. To think that lots of children will miss out on books when their families don't have the money for computers, internet etc these children will miss out on books too.

  9. I haven't gone to the fire sale. I thought it would be too sad.

  10. I've shopped at a store that was going out of business and it made me cry... :(

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  11. I'm not impressed with the sales.

    We went to the last store that closed because we had Borders Bucks and a gift card to spend. But really, had we not had those, we would not have purchased because the going out of business sales weren't good.

    Way way too high.