Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Right Choice

About a year ago, I asked my friends in the blogosphere their opinions on keeping a website and a blog.  I collected and weighed the information so generously shared with me by those with more experience in online networking.

I had started up this blog two years previously but I posted less than once per week.  In two years I had only a little over 100 posts and at the same time I was spending hours updating my website every few weeks.  I had slowly expanded my circle of blog friends and noticed how great their blogs were.  They had nearly everything on their blogs that I had on my website and blog combined and many of them didn't have websites.  I decided to try the way that had been working so well for so many.

I haven't regretted it getting rid of my website for even one day.  I've increased the frequency of my posting, found lots of wonderful blogs to follow and increased my own flock of followers from around forty to over two hundred.  Last week marked the three year anniversary of Susan Says and I intend to keep it going as long as blogging remains popular.  I not try to post at least twice a week but sometimes manage as many as four posts.

I know from attendance at conferences, agents and editors will recommend keeping a website and a blog, but I'm going to stick with just the blog.  I get ten times the visits and page views I ever got on my website and hopefully it will keep increasing.  Concentrating on my blog was the right choice for me.

How many of you maintain websites and blogs?  Do any of you own more than one blog?  Is your blog the main focus of your online promotion?


  1. I purchased the URL for my website, but never started it. I'm the same way--blogging seems to allow me to connect with more people rather than just a static page.

    Perhaps that will change when I become a published writer. Who knows?

  2. It seems to be that a website is useful to keep people at a distance whereas a blog is open and interactive. So if I ever become so famous that I need to back off from my online activities due to stalkers, then I'll do the website. (I am LOLing as I write this as I know this will never happen!)

  3. I kept my domain URL after I gave up my web site too. I haven't regretted the decision, though web sites are a little more versatile in what they can handle (flash, PDF files). I'm still somewhat dissatisfied with the organization of my blog, but I'm working on it.
    Happy third blogoversary!

  4. I just have a blog! That's all I've ever maintained. Now that I'm so comfortable with the fellowship and support of blogging, I can't imagine maintaining a lifeless website.

  5. I've thought about a website but I'm pretty happy with my blog. Plus a blog seems more friendly whereas a website is just where people might go to learn more about me and my books but not necessarily interact with me. I like comments and I like commenting on other people's blogs, reading what they wrote, and seeing where they are in this journey we call writing. A website seems a little impersonal, I think. But who knows, maybe when I'm rich and famous I'll change my mind ;)

    But I think not.

  6. I write every day and have for a little over three years now. I can barely handle the one blog and have no idea how people do more than one!

    I'm also one short of a thousand followers. You know. If you wanted to stop by and take a look.


    Thoughtful post.


  7. Hi Susan, I have too many blogs. One is for my family so I post pictures of the grandkids and family and scenery. That one will stay like it is. But I'm trying to merge my herbal and homesteading blogs with my writerly blog eventually. Then I'll only have two. I have a domain, but right now it's not being fully utilized as a website only a blog. One day I plan to put my website back up but not now, too many other irons in the fire. Like you, I think the blogs are a better use of my time for now than the website.

  8. My main blog is my main focus for an online platform. I don't have a website at this time. That will likely change in the future.

  9. Lots of happy bloggers around. I wonder if we'll still be doing it three years from now?

  10. I used to have a Web site along with my blog, but everyone gravitated to my blog. So now I redirect traffic from my Web site directly to my blog. I think because its interactive people prefer the blog.

  11. Susan - thanks for the interesting post. I've been wondering about the blog vs. website issue, and it's interesting to have your take on it. Good feedback from the comments, too.

    And speaking of blogs... ;) I enjoyed your A to Z posts and have nominated you for a Liebster Blogging Award. Details at my blog.

    A to Z lives on! - Liebster Award nominees
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