Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No Excuses

I finally upgraded to a smartphone.  But owning one of those clever little devices isn't making me feel smart.  Most of the time I feel pretty dumb when I use it.  Thank goodness for children. My son also has a droid so he's been helping me learn my way around the touch screen. 
from FB

I'm getting much better at using the touchscreen keyboard so now I have no excuses for running around the blogsphere on my lunch break and catching up with my friends.  Not only when it give me a fun break during the day but it will free up my writing time at night.

My writing time is usually split between blogging, promotional junk and writing/editing in the evenings and weekends.  But there are so many wonderful blogs out there, I have no trouble spending two or three hours just hopping here and there.  And it is taking from my writing time.

So hopefully, my smartphone was a good business expense.  So a few questions.  Do you think I can deduct my phone as business expenses?  And how much time do you spend on blog visiting? Do you do it from you computer or an other device?


  1. I don't own a cell phone but I do own a Nook and from there, we can connect to blogs. But I don't really use it for that, more for just reading in the dark.

    Technology is fun, I think. Hope you enjoy your new toy. As for a deduction, I don't know.

    Hope the grilled food was good last night. And that you got a chance to veg.

    Cheers and Boogie Boogie.

  2. I got a Blackberry but next time will get a smart phone because the internet is too slow and hard to see on my Blackberry. It's great for emails and Twitter but that's it. Oh yes, and being a phone, and an organizer.

  3. I have a so-called smart phone but I'm pretty sure I got the dumbest one in existence. Or maybe I'm just saying that to make myself feel better...

    I read some blogs with the phone but most of my blog time is done at my physical computer because my phone makes it too irritating and difficult. But I do love the phone for Facebook and Twitter.

  4. Unfortunately, I've hardly gotten any chance to check other blogs lately. But I usually check blogs on a different computer than the one I write on. It helps me focus for some reason.

  5. Yes, deduct it as a business expense!
    I have an iTouch, so I'm used to the small buttons. Made transitioning to the iPad so easy. I do some of my blogging on that as well as my computer.

  6. I do all my blog visiting on a computer--the phone I have is of the prepaid kind (burn phone) so I can't really do much with it except call people. Which is what I have it for, so I don't mind. :P

  7. I'm years away from a smart phone - too cheap to pay for the data package, but I can identify with how easy it is to let blog reading eat up writing time.

    As for claiming it as a business expense, I was told once that in order to claim a phone as a business expense it has to be used 100% for business. I'm not sure how accurate that is so I'd do a little Googling or ask a tax pro

  8. I WISH I had a smart phone. My brother has a Droid and loves it.

  9. I visit in stages. A half hour in the morning. A couple of fifteen minute breaks in the middle of the day and another half hour to an hour at night, depending on who's left on my list.

    Ref: business expense
    From what I remember from last year on Turbo Tax, it takes a percentage of the cost of the phone and any other business related machines, office equipment and utilities.

  10. I got an iphone for my birthday this year and I love it!!! I'm not very good with the tiny keypad though. Good thing I don't text.

  11. I love my smartphone -- I only wish it was smart enough to teach me how to use all its wonders.

  12. I'm way too old skool for a smart phone. I'm running 33 1/3 rpm in an mp3 world. My phone only makes calls. I don't text, and all my blogging and blog reading is at my laptop.

    And of course I spend way too much time catching up on blog composing and reading instead of writing. I need some type of law for myself that acts like the separation of church and state. Except for writing and futzing around on the internet.