Friday, September 28, 2012

Whata Week!

My delight overflowed this week. A week ago, the show Haven, started its new season on SyFy channel. A few of my favorite network shows had their fall premieres. Hawaii Five-0, Person of Interest, and tonight, Bluebloods. Then of course, there was the release of Avengers on DVD. How many times can I watch that before I'm tired of it? Don't know yet.

My oldest son moved a few years ago from the ranks of college football player to high school football coach. His team has started out the year 4-0. He's happy but the best part for me is having my high school students take the time to tell me Coach Gourley is the best coach they've ever had. I know they appreciate his knowledge, dedication and personal drive to win. It's fun to watch the team play and win.

Book #4 of The Futhark Chronicles is going well. My favorite part of being a writer is working on a new book. If only I could do only that part and leave all the rest to someone else.

My son from Penn State will be home this weekend. He's always fun to have around, managing to keep everyone in a great mood and I'll have someone to cool for. So my week is going great!

What's going well with you? Fun plans for the weekend? Have you been looking forward to any of the Fall return of favorite shows?


  1. I've been sick all week. I'm definitely going to pick up the Avengers DVD to watch tonight - and maybe pick up a pen tomorrow. :) Have a great weekend.

  2. I've revisions to do from my editor, but I intend to go have some fun, too.

    Have a great time with your son.

  3. For me it was the season premiere of Castle.

    Tomorrow I'm spending the day working on a home re-build with our church disaster recovery team. If things keep going well, we could have an elderly couple back in their home by Thanksgiving. Maybe not fun but incredibly satisfying.

  4. Glad to see you're making progress. I've yet to check out Haven. Seriously, I need to look into that. :)

  5. looking forward to some quality writing time :)

  6. Yes. Creating the story is the best part of writing. Editing and rewrites can be a chore. But its all good.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  7. It's funny, I rarely watch shows on tv. Rain, rain, rain = book, book, book, writing, and relaxing. Home.
    Have a nice rest of the weekend!

  8. Dexter has a new season and I'm always up for that. Dexter: the ultimate anti-hero!