Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: H

Welcome to another day of A to Z Blogging Challenge. Here's the list of participants if you have about 100 hours to visit them all or take a few minutes and visit a couple of them.

H: Host. When I retire and have more time to spend on my blogging, I intend to make an effort to host other authors and some writing experts on my blog. Maybe even some experts in things other than writing. I have had a few guests here in the past but not as many as I could have. Other bloggers have been generous enough to host me. I'm going to do more of it.

Have you hosted other people on your blog? Have you been a guest on another blog? What kind of things have you posted about on other blogs?


  1. I've guest blogged on other sites, but have yet to host any on mine. But it's symbolic of what I love most about blogging - the supportive community that goes with it!

    A to Z Participant (A to Z of Travel Bucket List Inspiration)

  2. Hosting other authors / bloggers has been very successful for me. I've seen tons of their faithful followers stop in & share my posts to their followers. Gained a few of my own in the process.

    I also like to think that scratching their backs helps to get mine scratched as well. ;) Trading posts has gained me even more exposure. So yes. Hosting is a great thing.

    Terri @ Scribbler’s Sojourn
    Facebook / Twitter

  3. Yep! I've hosted authors on my blog. (You were one of my first.) :)

    And you had me over here for last year's A-Z for the letter Q. (I was still the reigning 'Possum Queen for my county back then. sigh Good times.)

  4. I've been a guest on other blogs before and found it a very fun experience :)

    Left and Write

  5. no i haven't experienced either---but it seems to be a great thing for serious writers :)

  6. I'm loving your posts. It gives me great inspiration for my own blog.

  7. I've hosted authors on my blog. One did a guest post, but I think all the others were cover reveals and/or book releases, that kind of thing. I'm always happy to lend my blog for a day to another author.

  8. Hi, Susan...

    Ahhhhhhhh ... Yes, I have featured and hosted other writer's at my blog... Lol. And I have also been festured only a few times.... But by choice.

    I am no published YET, so I keep a low profile on guest spots. But, I and my writing dozvevwill be featured tomorrow ae the Writing Nut.. The link will be after the intro.

    U think it's WONDERFUL that you wish to host more... It is important to help others with their dreams while striving for our own..

  9. I enjoy hosting my blogger buddies. I've been a guest on about a hundred blogs and enjoy that as well.

  10. I've hosted and been hosted. I'd like to do more of that too later this year. I mostly post about writing.

  11. I'm really new to this, so I haven't yet gotten to the point where I host others. I just set up my blog on the first day of the A to Z Challenge.

    I do have a spot open to write about pets on another site, but I still haven't written there. I've had the spot for almost four months, and something is always coming up.

    I also have a spot writing TV recaps, but I stopped keeping up with it because I have too much going on. I'm going to try to make up for what I missed, but I may have to let that one go.

    From A to Z, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com

  12. I enjoy hosting authors. Helps them, gives my followers variety, and it's one day I don't have to think of a post. LOL!

  13. I've hosted and been a guest blogger on other sites. Most of my guest blogging has been in the form of interviews or where I talk about writing.

  14. I have reviewed on book. Had another person post once and have been a guest several times. I have decided that I will only showcase my own writing. I may start another blog to showcase others.

    Dropping by from A to Z. It's my first year participating.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist

  15. I've had guests on my blogs, but not recently. The posts weren't getting a lot of action so it's had me thinking about other ways to feature guests on my blog.

  16. Never hosted somewhere else. Well, I've broken into my husband's blog and did a takeover before, but I don't know if that counts.

  17. I haven't hosted or guest posted yet, but I'm probably going to try next month. I have done an interview swap with a fellow author, and that was fun.

    Rinelle Grey