Friday, April 26, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: W

It's nearly the weekend and we're nearly done with the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I bet you can find lots of blogs on the master list that would be fun to visit the first time or to check out again. My theme is a list of all the thinks I intend to do or do better once I become a full time writer in June.

W: Widen My Interests. I write a lot of epic fantasy and scifi romance. But I read almost any type of fiction. But I'll have time this summer to read some things I not only like, but that will help me in my writing.

I love reading science magazines. I have a minor in biology to go along with my health and physical education degree but I also took quite a few chemistry classes in college. I never studies astronomy but I love reading it. In high school and college I never cared for history. How did they make it so boring and tedious when it's so interesting?

I intend to do some traveling, get in some horseback riding that I haven't done in years. I'm going to go cross-country skiing again. I'm going to try out some of those recipes I've found on Pinterest and try my hand at some decorating ideas. I'm going to widen my hobby interests and my reading interests.

Do you have hobbies that help with your writing? What kind of magazines do you read? What hobby would you add if you had more time?


  1. If I had more time, I'd definitely try my hand at drawing and painting. Maybe take some classes.

  2. I've become a bit obsessed with writing over the last few years,but I think I need to get out more and do stuff that I can restock the creativity part of my brain.

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  3. My kids and I are putting together our summer to do list: hiking, museums, beach, movies, etc. I'm going to remind myself to keep my journal handy.

  4. I would love to get back into doing more art - I took a collage class awhile back and planned on continuing the craft...and then didn't for some reason. Sigh.

    I tend to read the same mags but I like the idea of picking up a new and different one once in awhile. Or I could read some of my husband's Pop Sci/Pop Mech ones.

  5. you inspire me to get some new hobbies---i think i will read more this summer to start with---i hope you get to do all the things you dream of susan :)

  6. My nature journaling helps a lot with my writing, and traveling, too I guess. But the most helpful is people watching. I can spend hours watching people.

  7. Oh, Jenn, we're doing some hiking this summer too. I envy those of you with artistic talent.

  8. I'd just like more time to travel. So many interesting places in the world.

  9. I should get my drawing stuff out more often. When I do I always find it so relaxing, almost meditative. I also recently took a free course at Coursera called Astrobiology which was fascinating.

  10. In addition to writing, photography's another creative outlet. I love exploring new places, even virtually through National Geographic's Traveler magazine. I also subscribe to Smithsonian for their interesting articles.

  11. I've been hyper focused on writing for so long. I really need to do more outdoor sports...hiking, kayaking and biking.

  12. Photography. Especially when tied to enjoying nature and/or travel. Three hobbies in one.

  13. Do Highlights magazines count? hahaha, my 4 year old got them as a Christmas present from the grandparents!

    I've never been all that excited about magazines... don't know why, just can't get into them.

    Hobbies... reading. :) Rock climbing, horseback riding, boating, hiking, frisbee... not sure if any of those "help" with my writing... but maybe.

    I'd love to pick up fencing, and maybe martial arts... if I had that elusive thing known as "time" ... if you see any of it lying around unused, send it my way?

    Happy A-Zing!

  14. Same answer as LD - photography. Nothing inspires like a photo.

  15. A wonderful aspiration ...

    We ALL need to broaden our horizons. I love all kinds of artistic endeavors. I pretty much have worked in every craft including the taboo 'girly" ones like knitting and crocheting ... I have no problem admitting that. But most dudes would cut off their right arm. LOL.

    For me my next big adventure will be learning to play the piano. I LOVE music and have always wanted to play. I never had the opportunity as a child because my family couldn't afford the instrument or lessons. But when I get my house I will get a piano and start. I am very excited about it...

  16. I really need to exercise more. That is soooo basic, but TRUE.

  17. I would definitely add more relaxation into the mix if I had more time.

    And I've said this too many times lately, but I really need to come back and catch up with all your posts once the Challenge is over.

    So many of the things you want to do fit me, too.

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  18. I love science and technology magazines. As for adding a hobby . . . I have no idea. There are so many interesting subjects!

  19. As silly as it sounds, I'm using a lifetime fandom of professional wrestling to write a murder mystery short story.

    It's been a lot of fun, so far. My other goal is to really write something totally out of my comfort a romance.

    Not that I'm uncomfortable with romance, itself, just the genre for writing :)

  20. Somehow, many of my hobbies have made it into this novel! Sewing, gardening, cooking, all those skills have come in handy when writing.

    I've also been introduced to some new ones. Somehow, many of my characters seem to go sailing (not something I've ever done), or need to know swordfighting. So I've loved learning a little more about these.

    I don't read many magazines, but I do love to subscribe to many science and education related pages on facebook. I find the small bites much easier to get to than full articles these days.

    Rinelle Grey

  21. I absolutely love science and tech magazines! I would definitely build more stuff if I had the time. I love to build and make things with wood, glass, metal, you name it.

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