Monday, July 7, 2014

Goddess, Awakened

Congrats to Cate Masters on her newest release. Her latest is set in a contemporary world but prepare yourself for all kinds of magical shenanigans. Here's a short blurb from Goddess, Awakened.

With a little help from a goddess, battling evil is a piece of cake for Jocelyn Gibson.
A descendant of the goddess Isis, Jocelyn Gibson may have forgotten about the realm of magic, but it hasn’t forgotten her. When Eric Hendricks is targeted by a demon, Joss must step in to battle the evil and save the town’s awkward, but endearing, vet…who also happens to be the man she loves. Joss’s new inn, a culinary career specializing in cooking with lavender and a new love all make for a fine recipe of disaster. She needs to embrace her inner goddess and harness the powers she never knew she had before it’s too late.

Hope over to Cate's blog. She has a lot planned for the next few weeks in promotion.

The summer if flying by and I'm loving this warm weather. It does distract me from writing so I'm back to doing most of my creative work at night after the sun sets. My next book has grabbed me and the word count is mounting quicker than I expected. I wish I could write as fast as Cate and some other writers I know but I've learned to accept my own pace. If I write two to three thousand words per day I feel like I'm flying.

Have you visited Cate yet? How many words a day do you usually write? Does a pretty day distract you? Don't forget to visit the IWSG blog today for some bits of wisdom.

Please make sure you visit on Wednesday when PK Hrezo guests on my blog with a compelling post about marketing.


  1. That sounds like a fun book...congrats to Cate!

    I know what you mean about summertime...I do most of my best writing at night or early morning (when it's quiet).

  2. Congratulations, Cate! Had this day marked for her since mid-June.
    I know I'm not a fast writer. That's all right though.

  3. Thanks for stopping by so early, Mark and Alex.
    I like the quiet of everyone else in bed to write, Mark.
    I know you have your comfortable pace, Alex, doing the quality writing rather than just throwing words on 'paper.'

  4. Cate's book cover is gorgeous.

    We had some rare beautiful weather this weekend. I just had to go out and weed.

  5. Thanks so much for the shout-out Susan. You are a wonderful friend. :)

    Nice weather, especially after such a harsh winter, can be verrry distracting. Taking the laptop outside is the best of both worlds. :)

  6. I'm very interested to learn more about "Goddess Awakened," and to visit Cate's website (which I will do shortly). I've been involved with the goddess spirituality movement for quite a while. It will be wonderful to read a novel, where these incredible deities are bought to life. Thanks for sharing this book and author with us Susan!

  7. As long as you get from beginning to end, doesn't matter how fast you go. When I'm on 10K words a day is average.

  8. Nice cover - congrats to Cate! Sounds like a fun story :)

    2-3k a day is a lot!!! At least for me :)

  9. I think that 2-3,000 words a day is pretty darn good.

    Right now I am lost in edits and revisions. I shouldn't say "lost" because it is getting easier the more I do it.

  10. Congratulations on the book, Cate. I've seen it several times today, so the news is getting out there.

  11. Wow. I really am a slow writer. Five hundred to a thousand words a day is all I can manage when I'm drafting. But I'm a pantser and have to be very careful about which direction I go with the plot so I don't get lost later. I probably lose a lot of time with all my deliberation.

  12. Congrats to Cate! When I'm writing the first draft, I'm quick. I can do 1000 words an hour. My distraction rests in the whims of a 4-year-old!

  13. Congrats Cate. Promo is my least favorite part :)I do my writing at night when the kids are in bed. I manage 1k on a good night and around 3500 if I'm on a role. My best night was about 7500 during a NANO sprint and most of it made sense. LOL

  14. I was just moaning to my husband that it's July already. I love June and I hate to see summer reach the halfway point. For us, summer weather continues through September. After last winter and a late spring I'm not wanting to think about Winter *shudders*

    When I'm on track and writing I usually 1200- 2500 words in. I do think it's very important for writers to pick a goal that works for them, rather than comparing our pace to anothers. Steady progress is the goal. :-)

    Like you I do most of my writing in the early morning or after the sun sets. I need to be outside as much as possible. :-)

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  15. Congrats to Cate and to you, too Susan :)

    You obviously know your pace and I'd *love* to get 2 or 3k in the word bank every day :)

    #YouGoGirl :)

  16. Much luck to your friend and happy writing to you.

  17. Pretty days are wonderfully distracting! But then, I'm not trying to write a novel. Sounds like you're making steady progress, even with the fine weather.