Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th and Dog Days

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans. I hope we all remember what the day means as we indulge in cookouts and perhaps some swimming. I hope my east coast friends don't get stormed out as Hurricane Arthur spins his way up the coast.

My trust Old Farmer's Almanac planner told me that the Dog Days of summer started yesterday, July 3rd and will extend through August 11th. At least for us in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in PA, this humid sultry season will extend deeper into August. As I mentioned before, I love this weather. The moniker of 'dog days, goes all the ways back to the Romans and even the Greeks who associated the dog star, Sirius, with this time of year. Wikipedia explains that the Sirius no longer rises at the same time as the sun in the summer so we don't have to sacrifice a red dog anymore to forestall the evils of the hot weather such as spoiled wine, dogs going mad and all those killer fevers that plagued mankind during that era. Good to know.

I'm working on my next romance novel, another space adventure, and weather is going to come into play as it did in one of my previous novels. In The Marine's Heiress, the first part of the novel was set on a planet that had a peculiar but predictable weather cycle. Every tenth day, drenching downpours would move across the occupied area of the distant world. Of course the weather issues came into play in the novel's plot. There are lots of things to consider when world-building for science fiction or fantasy. Weather can be a minor or major factor an author needs to create.

So what fun are you having this holiday? Did Arthur hit you? Are you familiar with the term 'dog days?' Did you cook out today?


  1. Happy Independence Day, we get the dumb hurricane tonight and tomorrow, should be fun. Never knew that about dog days.

  2. Happy 4th, Susan! I hope you and your family have a wonderful time.
    Isn't that early for the dog days to start? It sure feels like they have though.
    Hopefully Arthur will take the hint he's not wanted and stay away!

  3. We had some rain yesterday, but it's blue skies now.
    Every ten days - at least you know it's coming.
    Have a great Fourth!

  4. Happy Independence Day to all Americans! My family in the States celebrates it, but I go with the Canadian version.

    Hope it's a great day for everyone in the USA. I heard that that the storm Arthur may only bring stormy weather, which is better than a hurricane.

  5. We were lazy and bbq'd some hot dogs just for us. But it was nice, as we've been so busy lately! I didn't know the origin of dog days of summer. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hope you had a wonderful 4th. Despite the weather, we dressed in our finest red, white, and blue watched soccer, and enjoyed some quality time with family. Over here, the fireworks will come out on the 14th. :)

  7. No independence day across the atlantic for this Brit, but I'm sending happy and freedom vibes your way :o) Now where are those cookies...

  8. Glad our weather has been mellow, and hope that you had a great 4th of July! I'm also glad we don't have to sacrifice a red dog - interesting tidbit there. :)

    Happy writing!!!