Friday, October 3, 2014

First Friday

My mother always used to say the weather for a new month would follow whatever Mother Nature graced us with on the first Friday of the month. Sunny and mild here today with a few clouds later. I can live with that for October. I love the days when I don't need AC or heat on in the house. Windows open and fresh air throughout the abode.

Wisdom from The Old Farmer's Almanac related to the above. October breezy, November wheezy, December freezy. And another. To sleep well, kept the bedroom temperature no higher than 68 degrees.

The posts presented on Wednesday for the IWSG Guide to Publishing and Beyond were incredible. The members of our group have so much wisdom to share and they did. The book is going to be awesome.

After a stressful eight days when my daughter was out of touch as she toured Morocco we made contact on Monday. She had a fun adventure and shared some of it on her blog, The Open Roof.

Other excitement for me this week was the strange surge in sales of my Recon Marine Series. All three books climbed back up the Amazon rankings for some reason, even spending some time in the top 100 of multiple science fiction categories. Once again convincing me I know little about promotion but I'm grateful that more readers have found the series.

I'm excited about the meeting of my local writers' group, CPRW. It's election time for new officers and we have some wonderful people willing to take on the responsibilities. Then I have some writing to catch up on for my WIP. I've neglected it for most of the week.

Has your October been breezy? Do you keep your bedroom cool? Did you submit an article for the IWSG book? Ever ride a camel in the desert?


  1. I love October, although it's still in the 80's here. I look forward to sweater weather in the winter.

    I submitted for IWSG. I look forward to the anthology.

    I've never considered riding on a camel.

  2. I'll take the cooler weather!
    The IWSG posts and submissions were amazing. Although I am exhausted now.
    Awesome your books are climbing the charts again. I can't figure out the promotion thing either.

  3. Yeh on your book sale surge!

    And we've got a cool front moving in this weekend - looking forward to it! So tired of all the rain we've been having - it's been like a steam bath every day.

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

  4. Sometimes sales do just come out of nowhere, weird how it happens. Yep, cool at night makes sleeping way better.

  5. Oh, I hope that October is as good as the first day this month - we had a little damp rain, but we had some nice sun breaks too. Our bedroom is cool except during the hottest part of the summer (which isn't that hot in the NW). I did write an article, and I've only ridden a camel at the London Zoo for my 11th birthday so it's been a while.
    Glad to hear that your sales are up and your daughter called! That's awesome!

  6. Fresh air is a joy that I welcome any day of the year. It's been in the 70s lately with a few 80s days sprinkled here and there, so I'm enjoying the breeze. Still can't believe it's October already though!

  7. Dry is the operative word for CA, I'm afraid. We must have some wet stuff soon. Serous drought.

    Subbed my article for IWSG book. Great idea.

    Congrats on the surge, and I'm noob when it comes to promotion. I have no idea what cause people to buy books.

  8. We also started the month off nice - cool and sunny with the leaves starting to change. Perfect weather for high school football games (and since my grandkids include a football player, a cheerleader, and a marching band member, that where I spend my Friday nights).

    Very cool that your books had a sale surge. Enjoy!

  9. Aw man, it was cold and raining like mad for me yesterday so hopefully we don't have an entire month of that ;-). I just want a couple of nicer weekends to go leaf-seeing at lease :D

  10. We've had some wind and breeze, and it's been refreshing. I get cold easily, so I need warmth and might be the only CA native to own an electric blanket. It's the best.

    Have a nice weekend.

  11. Congrats on your sales surge, how wonderful! That must have been a fun surprise. :)

  12. Hey Susan, here's to you selling and selling and selling, MORE.

    As for Autumn, it's the best time of year. Though I gotta say, this past summer by me felt more like a long fall than a proper summer.

    Works for me!