Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Business

Cold weather is moving in. I have a busy, busy week with a lot of writing things on the schedule but also with outside work to do. We live in the country with about an acre and a half of ground. Along with my one son, I spent a lot of hours spread over two days digging out stumps from trees the weather had knocked down. Then we hauled some branches to the township recycle center and burned some other. Tired muscles but a real feeling of accomplishment.

In the writing field, I spent some time getting to know a few fellow Musa authors by way of a wonderful promotion coordinator. You'll meet a few of those authors over the next two months. I'm very excited about the value of the content of their guest posts.

I also had a very entertaining Skype conversation with my daughter studying in Morocco. Living and working in that country has made her really appreciate America and her family's work ethic. She's finding that the mindset she grew up with isn't the norm for a lot of the world. The college-aged people she teaches as part of her studies, believe that Americans are all just naturally rich. They don't understand the connection between long hours of work and what we have. For her, there really is no place like home. Her roots are middle class American. The Tolkien quote this week is for her.

“Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” 

And wisdom from The Old Farmer's Almanac:

"The chief enemy of creativity is 'good' sense." Pablo Picasso

Squirrels gathering nuts in a flurry,
Will cause snow to gather in a hurry.   Not too soon we hope.

Babies born a day after the full moon enjoy prosperity and longevity. How was the moon when you were born?

And tomorrow is National Cappuccino Day. Sounds good.

Thanks this week to my friend, Ava Quinn, who taught me how to do something on my blog I didn't know how to do. She's one of those amazing people who has young children, works a day job, takes on volunteer responsibilities and still writes and keeps up her blog.

Have you had outside work to prepare for the coming season? Feeling the burdens and pride of that good old American work ethic or wondering where it's gone? Seeing the squirrels busy outside your abode? Know Ava? Having a cappuccino tomorrow?


  1. I can understand how the Moroccans feel, being from Australia. Over here, even our unemployed people have all the money they need. I have a friend who's barely worked a day in his life that just bought a 60-inch smart TV.

  2. Re: Have you had outside work to prepare for the coming season?

    Around here? Always. LOL.

    We're still in the 60s but it'll get cooler next month. It's nearly time to harvest what's left in the garden and put it to bed.

  3. Like Michael above, I know a lot of people who are like that here.
    Bring on the cold weather!

  4. Love the Picasso quote!

    We're looking forward to the cool weather here - already had some and want more. :)

  5. I love Cappuccinos!

    Did you get the dragon? I emailed it last Sunday.

  6. Nothing like a new view on life to make one appreciate their own. Used to live on a hundred acres or so, so i know all about yard work, yuck lol

  7. Yes, isn't keeping in touch with our children vital! Our youngest is in UK for one year. Thank goodness for FaceTime. Also, we spend our winters in Bucerias, and while the weather is much much better, I do miss the things I take for granted in small town Canada.

  8. I think that old American work ethic is why I've had such a hard time adjusting to being a stay at home mom. I placed all my worth in myself as an employee. Hard to know what to do after that. I always find it interesting to hear how other countries see us. Though it's not often flattering. Good luck to your daughter! What a cool place to get to work.

  9. The weather has certainly been crazy. For me, it still gets to about 85 degrees.

  10. ::blushes:: You know I'm glad to help, Sue!

    I'm so thankful for Skype. I use it every weekend to talk to my parent in Montana.

    And I loved the Tolkien for your daughter!

  11. The yard work like you describe is some of the best physical labor a body can do. Not much to do in my piddly little L.A. yard--er, patio.

    Almost had cappuccino today--not exactly, but it was close I guess.

    Wrote By Rote

  12. Hi Susan - your daughter will be learning loads living abroad, especially in an African country with its different norms and traditions - living abroad changed my life and thought processes ...

    Two years ago we had really cold weather ... not so bad this year ... it's frosty up north.

    Love the quotes ... and enjoy those Skype times - and being out in the garden getting things ready for the winter season .. cheers Hilary

  13. We just did a lot of yard work and winterizing this weekend. Squirrels and birds have been very busy lately. The birds must have a little frost on their brains as they've been bonking into our front big window a lot! Have a wonderful week. :)

  14. I think travelling and living abroad are the best forms of education-- you're justly proud of your daughter.

    I was too busy with life and health problems the last few weeks and am now slowly wading back into blogging.