Monday, November 3, 2014

What Do I Say

"I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it." Voltaire

Please remember to vote tomorrow. Remember, no complaining if you didn't bother to vote. I know many of the elections seem like a choice of two evils, but find the one you deem the lesser.

At my writer's meeting this past Saturday, we had a guest speaker, Tere Michaels, speaking about the The Hero's Journey of the Relationship. I've read and heard about The Hero's Journey almost since I started writing. But as I listening to Tere, I realized that there is always something to learn from a knowledgeable professional. She said a few key things that will help me make my current WIP a better book.

Somewhere on twitter I found a link to an article about color in marketing which led me to this article, When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink? It was very interesting to read how before the 20th century, the common practice was for all children under the age of six to wear simple white dresses. It quoted another piece from 1918 that suggested pink was a good strong color to be worn by boys and blue was a dainty color for girls. It wasn't until the 1940's when society switched that up. There's a lot more interesting research about society and the gender assignment of colors and fashion in clothing. None of that had a thing to do with my writing but it was interesting. I do tend to make clothing more unisex style in my books. The one article did say that blue is the favorite color of the majority of people.

Thought I would share another new cover for the reissue of my Tiger series book. Tiger's Mate is the second book in the series. I enjoyed writing it because it's a bit lighter than the other two books in the series. My publisher is offering it for sale only on their website for the first month.

Don't forget to visit IWSG today and be ready with you post for Wednesday for the usual monthly blog hop.

Are you going to vote tomorrow? Ever read The Hero's Journey? Do you dress in the 'accepted' gender color?


  1. I voted early. I like to beat the rush. :)

    Re: color
    I have one subtle pink sweater. I picked it more for its style than its color.

    But there is a color trend in book marketing. The one that comes to mind is the 50 Shades book. After that hit big, I started seeing a lot of books in that color palette.

    For me, it's more important that the color fit the tone of the book rather than what's trending.

  2. Already voted. Ours was an all mail-in ballot this year. And interesting about the color pink and gender.

  3. Ha! Just noticed your first two commenters are in pink. :D

  4. I read the color of marketing stuff a while back to. Real tricky how some use it.

  5. Great cover!
    You bet I'm going to vote.
    And no way would I have ever worn pink...

  6. Love the new cover. Looks fantastic.

    And yes, voting is important. Here in St. Louis, it's become a HUGE issue up here with all the events that happened in Ferguson.

  7. I love tigers, so I love the new cover.

  8. I'll incorporate my voting with my morning walk since the voting location is just a few blocks away.

    I have a couple pink dress shirts, but typically it's not a color I would wear.

    Tossing It Out

  9. I did not know that about the color switch. I don't have anything pink, but I do have a purple and a red shirt.

    And we are voting tomorrow. It's our civic duty.

  10. That's so interesting about color and how it's assigned to gender. That's changing a bit, I think. My husband says real men wear pink--because no one would dare tell him he's wearing girl colors, LOL.

  11. Susan, it amazing how as humans we tend to want to categorize everything.

    I like seeing men in pink shirts. They always look so nice in that colour.

  12. I'd heard that about pink and blue. Interesting.
    Love the new cover! Congrats.

  13. Super interesting. I hadn't done much research about the colors thing, but I love how so many things labeled "boy" throughout history eventually became "girl." (Colors, makeup, heels...)

    That's an awesome new cover. I'm totally stoked for you!

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  14. Finding the lesser of two evils is getting harder and harder. Don't worry, I'm still voting.

    Nice cover! Very intense looking :)

  15. I will vote tomorrow just so I can continue to complain! Great cover on Tiger's Mate.

  16. " complaining if you don't bother to vote." I love that! ;)

    When I was little I actually loved blue...and I've never liked pink. The cover is gorgeous and I do love her blue dress. :)

  17. The history of pink is interesting. Maybe in another hundred years it will change again.

  18. I've voted in everything in my country - Federal, state and county elections. I even take the time to do it the long way, numbering every possible candidate from first to last. I seem to have a huge respect for the democratic process and I don't know why.

  19. There are a lot of important issues up for voting tomorrow.

    I let my children pick their own colors. Mostly it has been green and black and red. I guess you can count blue jeans as blue :)

    Pretty cover.

  20. I love learning that about blue and pink!