Monday, November 9, 2015

The Fun Never Ends

November is in a hurry. Perhaps because I have so much going on. My to-do lists seems to grow rather than shrink. For everything I mark off as done, I have to add two more.

A quick roundup of what is going on in my writing world. The third and last book in my Warriors of Gaviron Series, The Warrior and the Professor is available as in individual purchase on my publisher's website. It's only offered as part of a boxed set on Amazon for now.

The Futhark Chronicles, Book #1, Keepers of Sulbreth, is now available on Amazon. This is the third publisher to have the book up on Amazon, each time with a different cover. I'm currently doing a round of final edits on Book #2, Beyond the Gate. My publisher has done a great job making the covers of both books match enough for a casual view to see they're the same book.

I also received the contract for Book #3, Beneath the Mountain. This week after I finish the above edits, I'll be working on the cover art sheet, blurb and logline for that book.

I'm also very excited to have the first book in my newest space opera romance series up on the coming soon page. I don't have the release date yet, but my publisher has already given the series its own banner.  The Galactic Outlaws starts off with The Outlaw's Prize.

There's only seven more things on my list that need done this week. And that's only my writing work. I'm still helping my husband with that huge paint job he has going on. It's over half done so this week should be the last he needs me for extended hours.

I finally rented and watched Jurassic World this weekend. I'm giving it a so-so rating. I'm glad I didn't pay theater prices to see it. On an up note, Fargo is on tonight. This season is incredible! In my opinion, I'd call it the best show on TV.

I visited the local Barnes and Noble this past weekend. The good news is that the store was packed. People everywhere. The bad news now is that B&N has given over nearly half the store to things other than books. Bags, candles, games, toys and other gadgets that I guess are helping them stay afloat.  On the weird bookstore news, maybe you hear that Amazon opened their first physical bookstore. Lots of mixed feelings about it.

Wisdom from The Old Farmer's Almanac: Nothing sharpens sight like envy.

What is keeping you busy this week? Have you watched Fargo? Did you hear about the Amazon store? Wouldn't you like to visit it if for no other reason than curiosity to see how the giant believes a bookstore should look?


  1. So many books and series! I need to get with you and be sure I've announced you're latest.
    That's how I felt about Jurassic World. So-so and over-hyped.
    And how ironic! I reviewed season two so far of Fargo today. Awesome show.

  2. It's great that the Futhark Chronicles are now available on Amazon. It's a great series, and I really like the new covers!

    I did hear about Amazon's brick-and-mortar store. I guess I have mixed feelings about it, too.

  3. Your prolific writing and releasing is exciting, Susan. So thrilled for you.

  4. Whew, Susan, you are busy! NaNo's got me nuts this month.

    Haven't seen Fargo yet but will make a note of it. Been loving this season of The Walking Dead.

  5. My, you are a busy writer, and good luck to you with all your forthcoming publications.

  6. That's wonderful news about all of your books.

    B&N is doing what a lot of independent stores have done - sell more than just books.

  7. Wow! Congratulations. You are a super busy woman. Good luck. I'm loving Fargo this season too. It's better than the last one.

  8. Yeah, Jurassic world was so so. Wow, you got a lot on the go. Not sure Amazon's physical store will last.

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  10. You've got so much going on that it's no wonder your November is flying by. Great to have all those books out there.

    Just last night I was checking to see where my nearest Barnes and Noble is--further than I'd normally drive. There is not much in the way of bookstores where I live which seem odd for such a large urban area as the one where I live. Speaks poorly of the book industry, but good for the internet marketplace.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  11. Cheers and congratulations on all of that writing! I love that you have a boxed set. We need to do something like that.

    Also, I get why B&N is doing it, but it does suck when you see a spot that used to have a ton of new books just full of toys and games.

  12. Wow, such productivity! Congratulations on the releases.
    My small city no longer has a bookstore. I'd take one, even if it is half other stuff.
    I wouldn't mind a bookstore filled with bookish merchandise (Mark Twain T-shirts, for instance). But most don't do that.

  13. Hey Susan!

    You mentioned I was busy, (haha!! I first wrote "busty" - thankfully I caught it in time!!) but my busy-ness can't hold a candle to your workload!!

    Best wishes with all the writing stuff - and don't forget to paint that little bit in the corner:)

    And an Amazon store... hmmm...If it helps bring kids and adults into a "real" bookstore, I don't think it will be a bad thing :)

  14. Hi Susan - congratulations on all the good news re the books - that's excellent. Brilliant too that you're helping your hubby out with the painting job ...good luck with all things - cheers Hilary

  15. It sounds like you have a busy week. Isn't it weird that Amazon is opening a physical store? I wonder how it will do. I heard a joke about going there and then ordering the books you want online from indie sellers :D.

  16. I would like to visit the Amazon store. I have bought a lot of books off Amazon and BAM. I have also picked up a lot at tag sales. I especially enjoy old books.

    Time does fly. We do have to decide what matters or we never get to what is important.

  17. Haven't read any of your books, sounds like I should. My problem at the moment is I am overwhelmed with books and every time I turn round the library seems to have more for me. I ordered some of them months ago and yet they all become available at the same time.

  18. I think I would be curious about the Amazon store; would definitely check it out :) It does seem like a very busy time for you!


  19. I was listening to the news about the brick and mortar Amazon store on public radio on our way up to Chicago last week. Interesting. They also had interviews of why indie book stores weren't happy about it. But like I told my husband, Amazon is a giant and very few can compete with it. Nothing new there.

    Congrats on the Space Opera finding a home. I think that would be fun to read.

    Um, my list also seems to grow rather than shrink. Might have something to do with my always adding something to it. ;-)

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  20. For everything I mark off as done, I have to add two more. - Tell me about it. That is the story of my life these days.

    And Amazon opened a physical book store? Wow! I don't even know what to think about that.

  21. I'm not sure how I feel about the Amazon brick and mortar yet. I haven't really stopped to think about it. You've got so much positive going on right now. I hope the momentum keeps up.

  22. Congrats on the new contract! Good luck finishing up that paint job. Your hubby is lucky to have you. He chose wisely. :)

  23. Well, it definitely sounds like you're getting a lot done! The covers look great. It's good to be busy. I wonder what Amazon will include in their bookshop.

  24. Bn selling other stuff disappointed me. It's kinda like cheap you store now with trinkets :( I liked Juraissic Worl lol but I went in expecting the cheese factor and really enjoyed. Congrats on the writing front. Two back to back releases is pretty awesome

  25. Wow you've got so much going on. Congratulations!
    And I LOVE Fargo!