Monday, September 26, 2016

Banned Books Week

Here we are in the middle of Banned Books Week, 2016. It's always interesting to see the list which you can read here. It seems this year, the closed-minded are worried about sexual diversity the most rather than too much sex or profanity. Not so many people are worried that Harry Potter will lead young children to demon worship. So baby steps for humanity. As a writer, remember if your book is ever honored by being on this list, you're probably in for some really great sales.

Today on Insecure Writers' Support Group, Demi Stevens is sharing some ideas on how to organize and run a book event. Demi is a super energetic lady who is involved in every piece of the book business. Demi is the force behind Year of the Book and the upcoming event held at the York, PA Fairgrounds. I'll be signing my books again and hope to have a successful and enjoyable day like last year. Demi has a lot to say and she's very encouraging on Twittter is you'd like to follow her.

I hope you're working on that entry to the IWSG latest anthology contest. Get all the details on the IWSG site. Can't wait to read them all. This group is so talented, I expect lots of great fantasy stories centering on the Hero Lost theme.

So glad some of the new fall shows are here. My daughter and I enjoyed the first episode of Pitch. But will the next episodes keep me interested? Once Upon a Time returned last night with their unique take on fairy tales. This Friday, Luke Cage is coming to Netflix. Hopefully, it will be as good as Daredevil and the entire season will be available all at once.

The nights are cooler and arriving sooner. I actually get more writing done when there's a little less daylight so I'm hoping. I'm finishing off my tomato plant today. I could probably keep it going a little longer but we've given away hundreds of little cherry tomatoes. That one single plant has produced more than 1500 little red spheres. What can I say. When the zombie apocalypse happens, I'll keep my family alive with my farming skills. But fall is welcome so I can stop farming for a few months.

Barnes and Noble offered 20% off to all their card carrying members this past weekend. I heard they had a really bad quarter. It makes me sad to think soon I might not have a big sprawling bookstore to hang out in. All our independent bookstores nearby are used book stores and only one has a cafe. That one is in the city of Harrisburg so you're talking limited parking in a not so nice part of the downtown. I've heard reports that Target and Walmart as now leading booksellers. I'm sad.

Have you ever tried to organize a book event? How many of the books have you read on the most recent banned list? Do you want my secret to growing tomatoes? Sorry, that is a banned subject.


  1. I saw the list. Some of the books, I understand, but not the Bible.
    That's a lot of tomatoes.

  2. My tomato plants produced 60 pounds of tomatoes this year. I gave a lot away and my freezer is full of them. There's a few stragglers and I'll just see what happens.

  3. I don't think books should be banned at all. We can always choose to read or not read, bookstores, libraries, and schools can choose to purchase or not. And I certainly don't think important books like the Bible or the Koran should be banned. People are so close minded when it comes to things they fear (like sexual diversity and religion).

    I've only read two books on this year's banned list: Looking for Alaska and the Bible.

  4. The whole idea of banned books upsets me.

    It's sad to think that B&N still can't sort out its troubles. Sigh.

  5. I'm surprised B&N is still hanging on. Either sell the company, or stop putting Bandaids on a hemorrhaging wound. Halfway measures won't help them now.

  6. I didn't realise there were "Banned Books".
    Loved the post.

  7. We really liked Pitch, too, and fingers crossed it can hit a home run. :)

    We also really enjoyed This is Us - such an awesome "twist" and great acting. Hoping that can sustain a whole season or more as well.

  8. B&N going would be rough indeed, Amazon wins the day as they stomp all others. Pfft to most banned books, dumb to ban many of them.

  9. Holy tomatoes! I'm looking forward to Luke Cage too. I'm surprised B&N is still holding on too. It's sad.

  10. Our big bookstore, with cafe, closed here. It's left a huge hole in town. I don't understand how/why books are banned. I don't recall ever being forced to read a book I didn't want to. I'm my own censor. So it should be for all of us.

  11. Yep, we used the 20% extra for the cafe but as for books, don't buy too many these days for me. Did up until I started to declutter. Now, not so much.

    Happy New Week.

  12. Ugh, how long did it take for them to stop screaming about Harry Potter being evil? Because I'd rather it not take as long for LGBTQ+ people.

    Wow, 1500 from one plant. Kind of impressive!

  13. I adore Once Upon a Time. I'm so happy that the fall shows are coming back. I've been waiting FOREVER! lol

    Too bad I can't take some cherry tomatoes off your hands. ;)

  14. The independent book store near me used to be a books and gifts store. Now it is a mostly gifts, some clothes and a few books...I know they have to stay alive, but it makes me so sad to see the rows of books disappearing.

  15. I love Netflix bingeing. I wish I had more time for it. Yep, got my IWSG submission all written in my head. Yeah yeah, get it on paper (screen). I miss bookstores too; but not the dent they put in my pocketbook.

    That's a lot of tomatoes. I know where I'm eating during the second wave :)

  16. My goodness that's a lot of tomatoes. Enjoy your book signing!

  17. I once worked in a university library for about five minutes. One of my jobs was to create displays on certain topics, including banned books. It bothered me that they were called "banned" books because none had been banned, merely questioned for appropriateness in school libraries. The only book I've read on the current list is The Bible.


  18. I adore Banned Books week and I have this dream that one day one of my books will be mentioned on it. That is the day I'll know I've arrived :). It pains me to hear that any bookstore is having a hard time. Sad really. I know so many people who don't read and when I'm in our Barnes and Noble I notice that most people are just using it as a cut through from the mall it's attached to...or they're there for the mediocre coffee. Another dream of mine is to own a bookshop. Perhaps one day I'll open one, with a cafe, and I'll throw huge after hours parties for banned books and the authors of them who are still alive!