Monday, December 12, 2016

Seasonal Musings

I always complain like so many other people about how early retailers put out their Christmas goods. Yet, here I am again with Christmas less than two weeks away and I'm unprepared.

This past weekend I accomplished a few things. The house is finally decorated. The tree is up but not decorated. The children insist on all being present to participate in that and it's very difficult to get that scheduled. But it's worth the wait to have all the good-nature arguing and teamwork that does into that. They all have their favorite ornaments that they must put on. There have been years when we didn't decorate the tree under the 23rd.

Another obligation was an extended family gathering on my husband's side. It was calm and fun, lots of good food.  A third thing was the start of plans for my daughter-in-law's baby shower. Male readers might not agree, but I love a baby shower. They're so hopeful and filled with joy.

The only shopping I've done so far is bring in packages from the front porch and the mailbox. The rest should arrive this week.

Book outline is not very far along but I'm going to work on it this week. Cold weather brought a bit of snow, a dusting, this weekend. I DON'T like it.

I read an interesting stat in Writer's Digest Yearbook. In 2015, 54% of ebook purchasers use their phone to read books at least some of the time. I do that sometimes when I'm waiting at the dentist's or doctor's. I would guess that lots of people read the news on their phones. My husband does this now after fighting about getting a smart phone.

Another mention in WD Yearbook was how adult coloring books actually accounted for the 3% increase in print book sales in 2015. Does that count? I'm sure you've heard the thoughts of how coloring is a good stress reliever for adults. Not my thing.

Are you ready for the holidays? Any gatherings you must attend? Do you read on your phone? Are you into the coloring book trend?


  1. I know the Japanese read mostly on their phones. I'd need my reading glasses to do that and I don't always carry them with me.

    We're decorated and the shopping all done and gifts mailed. Thank goodness!

  2. I think its neat your kids want to be together to decorate the tree! I haven't gotten into the adult coloring fade, I did like coloring when the kids were younger, but can't seem to want to make the effort now to pursue it again. I'm about 50% ready for Christmas. I just need another 1-2 hours and I'll be done. Should wrap it up this week :)


  3. You can't deprive your kids of getting to put their favorite ornaments on the tree.
    Not into the adult coloring book craze.
    We are ready for Christmas. Bring it on.

  4. Yeah, not sure how coloring relieves stress, but power to those that it helps. Never knew the cellphone stats. Got everything done at my sea. But I'm sure that surprises no one haha

  5. We need to clean a bit before we decorate - hopefully this week/weekend. I still have presents to wrap so I better get moving because we have to mail them soon.

    I have a hard time reading on my cell phone, but I can do it if I have nothing else to read (nothing to read? gasp!) :)

  6. I'm all ready. We'll get our tree this coming weekend. (I don't want it in the house too long as the cat is likely to go crazy with it!) I tried to get into the adult book coloring trend, but nope. When I color with the kids, it's simple stuff, and I don't care if I go out of the lines. :)

  7. I would love to have my kids here to do anything at all for Christmas.


  8. I read books on my phone quite a bit. It's a huge honking phone anyway, so it's not like I'm straining to read little teeny ant-sized words.

    And maybe that's why we draw comics. It's like adult coloring books, but with more control over the content.

    Cheers to an attempt at preparation and to good natured arguing! May it never turn into angry, uncomfortable things you can't unsay.

  9. When it comes to the tree, it sounds like they insist on being children again for it. I wonder if they're going to pass it on to your impending grandchild :)

  10. There are always so many things to do this time of year. I never think I'll get it all done, but there must be some magic in December that helps me because I get it done and I enjoy the heck out of the holiday. Have a wonderful Christmas and see you in 2017.

  11. Eh, I'm not a fan of baby showers. Or wedding showers. Or any gathering like that in general. I think it's the whole get together and play games and make me be social part that I don't like.

  12. Haven't jumped on the coloring book bandwagon yet. Maybe one of these days. Or not. There's always all those other things I need/want to do. :)

    Hope the baby shower is fun. Congratulations on your soon to be born grandbaby! That's exciting.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for Alex's interview. I appreciate it!

  13. I'm not ready!!!!!!
    I need to finish shopping (and I need to get my brain in gear) but I've done most of that online already. Need the stuffers - and I find those the most difficult. Got the baking started this weekend so that helped relieve some stress :)

  14. Coloring books are huge right now. I know quite a few people who swear by them, but I don't cafe for them.

  15. Coloring Books: Nah

    Christmas: Surprisingly ready as of Dec. 1st (a 1st for me)

    Get-togethers: Negative (except for wife's immediate family who is basically my adoptive family since my mother passed over a decade ago...therefore Christmas is just Christmas without extraneous stress)

    Reading: All the time. Phone. Tablet. Book. Computer. Audio. Visual. Basically, if it makes words or has letters, I'm probably absorbing myself in SOME story.

  16. A wonderful post, nowadays one cannot limit their reading to just a book what with Kindle, phone, and Ipads. How different things are for our kids and grandchildren today.

  17. Hi Susan - sounds like Christmas is lining up well ... then you'll have lots of fun with the family at home decorating, cooking, making, sharing all etc .. wonderful. The baby shower will be such fun too ...

    Colouring books I can't get to grips with ... nor puzzle books - but so many while away their hours doing them ...

    Reading, writing and watching good films or tv ... and then some cooking and sharing ... volunteering at times too .. cheers Hilary

  18. Happy Holidays. Fortunately I'm all done. Enjoyed reading you post.
    Juneta @ Writer's Gambit

  19. I have a lot of trouble getting into the Christmas spirit if I'm not having company, and I'm not having company this year. The good part about that is no stress, no mess, and lots of time to nap. :D

  20. Not surprised adult coloring books have helped increase print book sales. Everyone seems to be into them lately! (Not me, though. As an artist, I can't help but view coloring as stress-inducing work, LOL.)

    Anyway, best of luck with your book outline this week! Hope you're able to make some decent headway on it, despite how hectic a month like this can be...

  21. Neat that you wait for them. Happy Christmas.

  22. I used to love the Christmas tradition of going to get the tree with my dad but my parents have bought an artificial tree now *sob* - mum still made me decorate it though. I'm looking forward to having a bit of a break over the Christmas holidays - not too many gatherings to attend, but I'm looking forward to the ones we have planned. I like reading on my phone when I'm travelling - sometimes I don't like taking my kindle with me as it can be quite bulky, but my phone is perfect for reading on the move. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  23. Sometimes I'll read my emails on my phone, but that's it. Our house is modestly decorated inside thanks to my wife--I did haul the stuff out of storage for her though. First wave of family visitors will be arriving on Saturday. Should be a lot of commotion, but hopefully a lot of fun too.

    The coloring book trend seems bizarre to me, but maybe I should try it. I used to like to color when I was a kid.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  24. I love that you all have that tradition of decorating the tree together :)

    Have a Merry Christmas :)