Friday, June 12, 2009

A Ruthless Good in Print

Today my third futuristic romance from New Concepts Publishing, A Ruthless Good, is available in print. I know NCP sells more ebooks than print, but it is so cool to hold them in your hands. Also, I'll have another book to sell at booksignings.
A Ruthless Good continues the saga of the Solonians and the Realm warriors as they overcome hardships in a futuristic Earth after an asteroid has destroyed most of the world's civilizations. Claudia Turan, introduced in The Lesser Evil as the hero's warrior sister, has her own story in this latest book. Claudia does things her own way and it only makes sense she'd find her man by discovering an entirely new colony. And what a man he is!
In this book, earlier characters such as Juston Steele, Brady Gellot and Cara appear to help Claudia find her dream. I hope you can stop by and visit my website or better, yet, stop by my publisher and read an excerpt.


  1. AWESOME SUE! It's gotta feel so good to have it in your hand. The book. The book! Really, woman. Get your mind out of the gutter.


  2. Congrats, Sue! E-releases are exciting, but there's just nothing like print!
    We need to arrange some book signings to celebrate!

  3. Thanks, Ava and Cate. Ava, that was your mind taking the low road, not mine.
    And Cate, I would love to have some book signings. It does take my publisher a few weeks to get me copies. Hopefully soon.