Sunday, June 7, 2009

Working out or Working it Out?

I blogged over at The Susquehanna Writers yesterday about my time management during the summer months and how it stinks. One thing I do manage better in the warm months is working out. I love to be outside. When I have to be on the treadmill instead of on the road or the track, I have to have music or the TV on to keep my going.
Not so outside. All I need is one sticky plot point. Today it took me fifty minutes to work it out. Not only did I figure out the dialogue, but I put some scenes in order in my head. Now I know exactly what happens next. So my heart and legs got maxed out and I'm ready to pound out more mileage on the keyboard.
Is there an activity you do when you're stuck? What mindless activity provides the distraction you need for your creative side to start producing?


  1. Usually it's the shower, though doing dishes can be a trigger, too. The latter is far more conducive to taking notes than the former. :)

  2. Vacuuming. Or any housework really. Watering the lawn. Something where I can switch off everything and let the brain tick over.

    I find if I try to work something out while sitting at the computer, I just get sidetracked.

  3. Usually it's the shower for me too. Though lately I have had some success working out plot problems or whatever while cooking dinner which has, I'll admit, led to more than one Cajun style feast.

  4. Banging my head against the desk over and over. And if that doesn't work, I threaten my brain with a q-tip. So far it's working really well.

  5. House work seems to be a popular multi tasking favorite. Ava, whatever works, but I can't afford the brain cells I might lose following your example.

  6. I'm with you. A mindless physical activity. Years ago when we had a pool, I get in an walk back and forth, back and forth, on the shallow end. Now I use the elliptical trainer.

    Straight From Hel