Sunday, December 19, 2010

Best Gifts for Readers

New Word:  Palmary-outstanding, great, best

As in I'm going to be interviewing some of my friends during the week between Christmas and New Year's day and they're all palmary writers.  Everyone of them have published books that would fit perfectly onto anyone's new eReader.  Perhaps you'll receive one of those coveted gift cards to a bookstore.  What better place to spend it than on authors who make sure you get your money's worth on books you'll want to read over and over again.
Cate Masters will visit on December 27th and share news on her latest romance releases.
Natalie Damschroder will pop in at December 28th and fill us in on her newest release and give a hint of what else she had in the pipeline.
Megan Hart, well known for her hot romances, has a new suspense novel coming out in the new year and will tease us with some details on December 29th.
Fellow fantasy author Jon Sprunk graces us with a short interview on December 30th and tell us about his fantasy novel and the sequel coming next year.
I hope you have some time to relax and read over the holidays.  I wish it for all of you.
Will you be getting or giving books, bookstore gift cards or eReaders as gifts this year?


  1. For Halloween, Tim's mom gave us a ton of bookshop gift cards. LOVED it. I'm not ready for an eReader yet. I'm a gotta-hold-the-book, person. And, I LOVE the smell of a new book. I jam my nose right in there.

    Ah ... the good life.

  2. Ivy, I love the smell of a new book also. Even if I get an eReader for Christmas I'll still buy some paper books.

  3. I can see the appeal of eReaders. Especially for night reading in bed.

    Hope you're having a nice day and that you ate something yummy today.

  4. I'm hoping for an iTunes card so I can get more books for my iPad. And I gave my mom a Nook this year.

  5. Lucky for your mom. I bought one for my daughter and just to be fair, I bought my son a Kindle. Hope you get your itunes card.

  6. Looking forward to visiting! And reading the other wonderful interviews.
    An ereader's on my wish list. Maybe someday I'll catch up to technology. :0