Sunday, December 5, 2010

When I Get Rich....

New word of the day:
Bruxomania- The act or practice of grinding one's teeth

As in today I had a bout of bruxomania.
I think many writers dream of the day when accolades and recognition come their way.  Besides the satisfaction of admiration from the reading public more than a few of us would like some monetary compensation to go along with it. 
So I often wonder, what would I do with a wad of cash as relates to my writing life? I would, of course, invest in some advertising and promotion first of all.  But the very second thing I would do for myself would be to hire a professional to take care of my website
I like having a website.  When I first put it up I was so proud I did everything by myself, slogging along and figuring it out as I went.  At worse, I did get it up and running. Since then I've learned a few more things. As I pick up new pieces of advice or have a new book release, I try to improve it.  Mostly I'm stumbling around in the dark.  And I'd rather spend my time on my blog or best of all, spend it writing.
So today, I worked for three hours trying to make improvements on my website.  I set up some new links, tried to clear out some clutter and made a page for the short story I'm going to post soon.  It all went pretty smooth until I tried to update my Navbar.  It's still not quite right and I can't figure out why.  Another day I'll swear, I mean work at it some more.
I did complete my short story that is a prequel to The Keepers of Sulbreth.  Tamarin's Story is in the hands of a reader so hopefully I'll have it up by the end of the week.
How many of you do your website yourself?  How often do you update it?


  1. I don't have a website. Decided a blog could be designed the same and would be more interactive.
    But since part of my job is designing websites, I do know how if I ever choose to do one.

  2. I've considered having only a blog but I haven't dropped the website yet.

  3. Hi Susan - I don't have a website either. Yeah, not too sure about how to go about it either.

  4. Hi Susan: Congrats on finishing your story. Wonderful news.

  5. I have a web site but may switch to a blog only, now that Blogger's incorporated pages. Another option is the free Yola program (though you still need to purchase a domain), which others have said is easy to use.
    I set up my own site through GoDaddy. I know enough HTML to be dangerous, lol
    Maybe looking at other authors' web sites will help you figure out what you don't like about yours?

  6. Thanks for the follow, RaShelle. I've played with doing away with a website now for a while. I'm looking around like Cate suggested and may go with blog only.
    Thanks, Ivy. I'm glad to have the story finished and hope to have the next one done before the new year.

  7. The next one done before the new year, is exciting stuff.

    I'm nearly done with the draft of my current manuscript and soon to start on a fresh new one.

    It's a really exciting place to be. Right there in the middle.

    Have a most excellent night.

  8. Hi,

    I had a web site when pubbed first time around and dumped it when I came back to writing, not because it wasn't swish or elegant enough (it was), but it received less traffic than a blog I set up as an experiment! So, I'm sticking with blog, and posting up 1-2 chaps free for viewing as when I complete each novel.

    I dropped out of publishing due to a riding accident, and getting back in is as dfficult as newbies to the whole process of subbing etc. But, hey, if I don't crack a publisher soon I'm going the Indie route.

    So, if anyone wantsa free read: check out my blog. ;)


  9. Yep- just a blog for now. And keep reminding myself to buy my domain name.

  10. I'm looking forward to the prequel, Sue. And the second short story too!

    I also did my own website, but I don't change it very often. I have the blog (as you well know). And I'm sure there are many who would wish I'd just keep those crazy thoughts to myself.

  11. I set up my own web site when I registered my domain name, just because it seemed like the thing to do. But I really don't do much with it. All my interaction is through my blog and Facebook..

  12. Hello, Linda. I'm really leaning toward getting rid of my website. I might start off the new year with that plan.