Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wonder Woman aka Natalie Damschroder

Please welcome today, my friend and writer or great note, Natalie Damschroder.  I can't count the number of times I've turned to Natalie when I had a question about publishing, grammar, social networking and the other hundreds things I don't know but she does.  If you don't know her already, please make her acquaintance now.
I know you have a Kindle yourself. How easy is it to buy and read books on it?

It’s FANTASTICALLY easy. I set up folders (called collections) on it, and whenever I see a new or
upcoming book I’m interested in, I go to Amazon and send a sample file to my Kindle, if one is available,
and save it in the “To Buy” folder. I also add it to my Kindle wish list. Then, when I have money to buy
books, I just go down the list and buy via the Kindle, or via one-click on Amazon.com. It downloads in
about 20 seconds.
Last month, I took Number One to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter, so of course we got there
an hour and a half early to get decent seats. I had the Kindle with me, but the lights were dim, so for the
first time I changed the font size. AWESOME. I love that I can set the Kindle down flat anywhere and still
keep reading, without having to use something to prop the book open. (I read a lot while I’m cooking,
brushing my teeth, taking out my contacts, doing simple chores, etc. LOL) I will say that e-books cannot
totally duplicate the experience of reading a real book, though. I don’t like that I can’t see how far to the
next chapter, or have a true visual of how close to the end of the book I am. And I don’t feel like I get as
lost in the book as I do with print books. So I’m right down the middle in my book love. :)

Your family is supportive of you and I know your children love to read also. How did you as a parent
instill the love of the written word in them as they grew up?

It was probably the most important tool I wanted to give them. I’ve been a voracious reader since I was
4 years old, and knew it would only benefit them to be, as well. My husband started reading to them
every night before they were born, and it was a nightly ritual from the time they were a few months old.
One of our favorite stories is how Number One loved The Foot Book so much, she’d take it out of the
right hand as soon as we were finished, and put it in the left hand so we’d read it again. My husband hid
the book under the couch, he was so sick of it. :) Number One and I had a 45-minute or more commute
to and from work, so she had a box of about 30 books next to her. She’d flip through every single one,
toss it on the floor, and move on to the next. When we got back in the car I’d pick them all up and she’d
do it again on the way home! LOL
Since we did such a good job instilling it in Number One, it was easier with Number Two, because
everyone reading all the time was what she grew up with.

We know you as an author of fantastic fiction but tell us about all the other jobs you work at in the
writing industry including any you volunteer to do. (or at least some of them)

I do freelance work as a writer, editor, and proofreader. My clients range from a novelist to an ad
agency for dentists and an articles-based website. I’m currently a volunteer on the PRO Steering
Committee in Romance Writers of America and was just elected librarian for my local RWA chapter
board. Over the 14 years I’ve been seriously pursuing a career in writing, I’ve held dozens of volunteer
positions. I think it’s important to keep my hand in, in as many ways as possible. It not only gives back to
an industry that has given me so much, it helps me keep in touch with everyone I need to.

I have a special place in my heart for your novel, Kira’s Best Friend. Do you have a favorite?

Aw, thanks! That one’s my favorite published book, too! :) I’m a big sucker for best friends stories. I have
a couple of unpublished books I love even more, though.

Can you give us a blurb for your latest release?
My latest release is Afterlife, a novella published by Amber Quill Press.

When adrenaline junkie Chloe Franklin’s chute fails, she’s whisked directly into the afterlife. Almost
immediately, a corporate-like processing committee tells her that she’s had the rare luck to find true
love in life not once, but three times, and they present her with an intriguing yet daunting task.
Given one more day with each man, Chloe must rediscover what each meant to her as they take each
other to heights of ecstasy they’d barely known in their first go-round.
But at the end of the three pleasure-laden and heartbreaking days, Chloe will be forced to set her
eternity...and choose only one lover to be with her forever...

What are you working on right now?

I recently turned in final edits for Fight or Flight, a romantic adventure coming out in March from Carina
Press. In Fight or Flight, the heroine races to save her daughter from an enemy she’s been hiding from
for 18 years.

Give you give us some titles and links to your books for all those lucky people who received wonderful
new eReaders for Christmas?

Readers can find links for all my books, with buy links for anything still in print, at

Thanks so much for having me, Sue! :)

Thank you, Natalie, for guesting today.  We'll be sure to have you back before the release of Fight or Flight.  How many of you received Kindles for Christmas? Have you bought some books for on it?  Don't forget to check out Natalie's list of terrific romances.


  1. Great interview ladies. Thanks for the tips on using a Kindle Natalie. It's still on my wish list.
    Congrats on your releases!

  2. Thanks for fitting me into your busy schedule today, Natalie. It's great to have you here.

  3. Fantastic interview! And a big yay for Kindles!

  4. Thanks for having me, Sue! And for calling me Wonder Woman. LOL

  5. You're welcome, Natalie. You know I call them as I see them.

  6. Hi Susan -- I noticed I had a new follower so dropped by to say hi.

    I'm one of those folks who received a Kindle for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to downloading a few of my blogger friend's books and trying out the e-book experience. I love new toys.

  7. Can't wait for Fight or Flight, Natalie. And I loved the story about number one taking the book from the right hand and putting it into the left one to have it read again!

    Great interview, guys!